Saturday, December 20, 2008


Mr C. would like to ask a question to Yahoo Answers!

Was wondering if the team at Yahoo has a position to weed out stupid asses on Yahoo Answers? Because if you do, Mr C is the man for the job!

After reading this question I had to go out and buy a new keyboard because I got so pissed I busted mine only after I pulled out clumps of my somewhat thinning hair! LOL!

The neighbors called the cops because I was screaming at my computer so loudly! Thanks alot Yahoo Answers! You people owe me for answering all these stupid questions!

Question: What happens is an anorexic has a good ole burger? What will happen to them?

Mr C. Answers: The stupid ass would become bulimic!

Dont be stupid!


Yo peeps! Read

Question: Why is subway so stingy with napkins?

Mr C answers! Posted by Stupid Fan Ryan:

LOL, I would guess because most people are greedy as hell as well as wasteful. It's business stupid ass!

Like most company's, they are out there to make money, not piss all their cost out the window to sloppy fat asses who make such messes that they need an entire stack of napkins to wipe their mouth!

Instead of asking such stupid stuff as this, order your food to go, then go home and use a bath towel to wipe your fat mouth while you pig out on your subway! Jarrod would be so disappointed in such greedy stupid's like you! LOL

I can only imagine how much toilet paper you use when you wipe your ass! You, my friend are stupid as hell.

Dont be stupid!

Blogger Graphics
Blogger Graphics

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Morning again-sigh! Peeps I have another question that needs answers!

It's listed on Yahoo Answers! My favorite place to stalk stupid people! LOL

Question: How much does a Taco Bell manager make in a year?

Answer: I have a question for the person who asked the question!

Mr. C ask: Is Taco Bell a Mexican phone company? LOL

Yo Lazy ass! Just type your stupid question in your web browser! Do you really think that Taco Bell managers are going to tell you how much cash (if any) that they make? You are stupid!

Dont be stupid!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Midday peeps, and Sammy is getting restless because it is almost time for the Mickey run! But before I go, I have something to say about these stupid, or for a better word dumbass people on Yahoo Answers.

I got an e-mail this morning for a stupid fan asking me for my thoughts on this question. Now at first I really did not see it as a stupid question, but then peeps I had to use my freaking brain a little. It is as follows, and you all know I love Mcdonalds! LOL

Question: What ATM does McDonald's use? How can I withdraw money there without paying a surcharge? At the 7-eleven you can withdraw money with a Citibank checking account, how bout McDonald's?

Answer: First stupid! Nobody even knows where you are, hello dummy? have you been drinking? I mean what Mcdonalds are you speaking of? Alaska, California? Chicago?
Are you to damn lazy to call the freaking McDonald's and just ask?

I guess you want someone like me to do all the work for you, while you sit on your ass and wait for the answers to come in so you can go and stuff your face at McDonald's.

Mr C. advises that you swing by your bank if you are that unsure of the surcharge, withdrawal money for free I might add, and then go eat till you crap all over the place! And please save Yahoo Answers for more constructive questions that are not just stupid as hell!

A good question you could have asked is:

How are banks allowed by government regulators to charge those outrageous fees on ATM withdrawals that grosses them billions of dollars every year, but they are in need of a government back bailout?

There is your answer stupid!

Dont be stupid!


Morning Peeps, after many weeks of brainstorming I have a decision about how I am going to screw the retail stores for Christmas! I work in Law Enforcement, and I do have some morals, so a shoplifting binge, although attractive it is not my cup of tea!

I am going pawn shopping, instead of Christmas shopping!

My Children are going to have recycled Christmas! I have found several name brand items, in very good condition that no doubt where pawned by some stupid ass who could not afford THEM in the first place.

However, they caved into the pressure of mainstream society’s idea that we Americans cannot possibly be happy without spending every dime they work for.

Now I know this may no be cool to most, and some of you stupid people may be rolling your eyes right now!

However, be advised! Mr. C stands firm that I am not going to line the pockets of mainstream money hungry retail stores, ever again! I work hard for my money, and I lost thousands of dollars to George Bushes oil stance last year!

I have set my budget to 300.00; yes, I said 300.00 for four children! Thus, far I have done pretty well!

Moreover, I have not stepped on foot inside a Wal-Mart, or Best Buy store!

Oh, and while I am on the subject of Best Buy, looks like many Americans made the same stand as I did on Black Friday.

Best Buy is now reports that 2008 shopping season; is the worst year that they have ever had. Best Buy Profits sunk 77 percent!

That is huge. I guess they will be asking the George to bail them out next! Merry Christmas peeps! I will let you all know how it goes!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Sammy's boyfriend on his way to pick her up for a double cheeseburger run

Don't be stupid


The twenty years I wasted being stupid! My DIVORCE cake! Awesome huh!! Sammy's mouth is watering just looking at it! LOL
Dont be stupid!


Peeps, Sammy and I had a restless night last night as the cell kept waking us up! Now we are headed to McDonald's to get our double cheeseburger, then we are going to lie down and snuggle in the warm!

First, I would like to issue a challenge to Stupid Fans all over! Read!

  1. It is proven fact that you CANNOT touch all your top teeth with your tongue! That is truly and amazing fact, that I am sitting here wondering why they never taught us this in school! Go ahead! It is not possible! I dare you!
  2. If you are stupid, then after reading this you are trying to touch all your top teeth with your tongue. LOL
  3. OK, now peeps I know you are smiling because for the first time in your life you feel like a stupid idiot, and I bet you just looked over your shoulder to see if anyone is watching you run your tongue all over your teeth! LOL
  4. Now you are thinking that I am the stupid one for posting this! In addition, you are trying to figure out a way to e-mail it to all your friends! Well Right the bottom of this post, you will see a little envelope, just click it stupid.
  5. Now you are smiling again and possibly licking the slobber that ran down your chin as you were trying to touch all your teeth with your tongue. LOL


Yummy peeps! This double cheeseburger is awesome! Smile! It is not that bad!
Life will go on with or without you! Enjoy it while you can! However,

Don’t be stupid!


I can only imagine what this stupid ass is thinking right now! LOL

Enjoy the day peeps!
Dont be stupid!


Morning Peeps! With a little undercover work from a stupid fan who wishes to remain anonymous, Linda, has broke down the United States Government Bailout in laymen's terms so all the STUPID people can understand it better, and therefore be armed with knowledge, STUPID style With the help of her best friend, Forest....

Enjoy peeps! And get the word out! Forward this to all the stupid people who have there heads in the freaking sand, and are not able to read the writing on the wall! Sound the Alarm!

Mortgage Backed Securities are like boxes of chocolates Forest. Criminals on Wall Street stole a few chocolates from the boxes and replaced them with turds.

Their criminal buddies at Standard & Poor rated these boxes AAA Investment Grade chocolates.

These boxes were then sold all over the world to investors. Eventually somebody bites into a turd and discovers the crime. Suddenly nobody trusts American chocolates anymore worldwide.
Hank Paul son now wants the American taxpayers to buy up and hold all these boxes of turd-infested chocolates for $700 billion dollars until the market for turds returns to normal.

Meanwhile, Hank's buddies, the Wall Street criminals who stole all the good chocolates are not being investigated, arrested or indicted.

Mama always said: 'Sniff the chocolates first, Forrest'.

Quote of the day from a fund manager: 'This is worse than a divorce... I've lost half of my net worth and I still have my wife!! '

The bailout, Mr C. style:
Back in 1990, the US Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it.

They failed and it closed. Now we are trusting the economy of our country to a pack of stupids who couldn't make money running a whore house and selling booze?

Dont be stupid!