Saturday, January 10, 2009


Coprophagia Products -These coprophagia products help prevent dogs from eating their own shit. Click product for details.

What the?? I have heard it all peeps! LOL. The things people will come up with! Hey! I have a better solution.

How about a good swift kick in the ass when you see your doggies eating their own shit! LOL

I was thinking do they have this for shit eating humans? Would be nice if they did! My job would be alot easier! LMFAO!

And to think all I am trying sale is a freaking i see stupid people t-shirt!

Shit eating dog creators! You are genius as well as STUPID!

Dont be stupid!


BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. – An "eternal" flame at Bullhead City's new veterans memorial park that only lasted until city officials received a $961 gas bill has been re-lit following complaints by veterans groups.

The Medal of Honor Memorial at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Park alongside the Colorado River was lit on Veterans Day in November. When the bill arrived in late December, city officials were stunned.

"It caught us by surprise," City Manager Tim Ernster said Thursday. "What we decided to do for the time being is to turn the flame on ... for special events, for Veterans Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day — those types of activities."

The flame was extinguished on Monday. The Mohave Valley Daily News published a story Friday quoting city officials and disgruntled veterans who had worked to pay for and build the memorial before turning it over to the city.

The flame was back on by midmorning Friday following a meeting of city officials.

"What happened was really a miscommunication," city spokesman Steve Johnson said. "The issue came up one day and it was never intended to be shut off."

Johnson said the flame is impressive, but city parks officials are looking at ways to put a smaller burner in place and only use the larger one at special events.

"We're looking at alternatives, because $1,000 a month in these economic times is certainly a consideration," Johnson said.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


So far.. so good.. Except these unavoidable 300 lb.+ babes with the cart double parked in the stores blocking my way so I have to go to the next isle just to find two people side by side carrying on like they're at a class f#@%ing reunion. All so I can finally make my way to the can so I can take a leak, then find the door is locked. Yeah, Jewel should put a timer on those johns so people can get equal time.

At least the emission Nazis must have screwed up and let me slip under the radar this cycle cause they're a couple months overdue.
So I got that goin' for me.

That only means I'll let my guard down and get sucker punched by the City of Waukegan for 50 beans (city sticker) just to have the honor to park in my driveway or else the asshole from code compliance is going to slap a freaking' tag on my Blazer threatening fine/towing.

What did you say... Oh, hey what's up?.... Business as usual! Happy fucking New Years Lake County! (Dicks!) ttyl

Dont be stupid!


What in interesting day it has been! I went to get four brand new tires on my go cart-ford focus and I am sitting there waiting for my car to appear and I am trying my best to ignore the stupid ass conversation that was taking place RIGHT BESIDE ME ABOUT EATING CHICKENS FEET.

Suddenly I hear a question directed at me. This man looked right at me and ask if I had ever ate chickens feet!

I could feel something rise up in me at that moment as the blood rushed to my head! I am sitting there minding my business and the asshole wants to know if I had ever ate chickens feet!

With a million smart ass curse words rising up in my throat I managed to hold my tongue for once in my life.

I just simply responded like any true southern boy! "I can't say that I have, as a matter of fact I have never heard of anyone who eats chickens feet" Maybe in India, I said, but no. (SMIRKING)

The man just looked at me and said, who's your daddy? You look familiar to me.

Then I lost it, I said to him. Then only way you could possibly know me is if you read a blog on the Internet called I see stupid people, because my picture is there. And you could no possibly know my father because my mom was a little slut and I have never met him! LOLOLOL!

Well needless to say he had never heard of I see stupid people. Just when I thought I was going have a massive heart attack, My car appeared! Yes I thought! So I just got up and walked away, and this stupid ass followed me to my car, where he wanted to talk about the gas mileage on the Ford Focus.

Mr I used to eat chicken feet as a boy, YOU ARE STUPID and should be locked away in a nursing home. And stop asking such personal questions to total strangers, especially ones that gets easily aggiated at stupid people.

And for God's sake never eat a chickens foot.

Dont be stupid!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Middletown (WTNH) - A Durham woman has been arrested after she allegedly brought her three week old daughter into a bar and then went to a friend's house and breast fed the baby while she was intoxicated. See story here.

Morning peeps! Once again I am convinced that the majority of the human race is stupid as hell. This worthless piece of crap asshole took her three week old daughter, Yes three weeks old- on a freaking drinking binge!~ Then went to a friends house and breast fed the baby!

She even took the child into a freaking bar! Three weeks old! Can I say- What the F*** is wrong with people!

The report reads that she was barley able to stand and had slurred speech!

Peeps, I am pissed!

What is wrong with society when mother with a child less than three weeks old can walk around drunk as hell? Holy shit!

And to add a big pile of shit to the cake! She was only charged with
risk of injury to a minor. ????

Solution to this- she should be charged with assault! And the dumb asses at DSS should take the child.

I can only imagine what she will do in the future!

I have no sympathy for stupid asses like this! Children should have the right-no matter how young to be protected!

Ms alcoholic whore- you are stupid and should spend 20 years locked up!
Dont be stupid!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok, this PROVES it peeps... our government and local leaders have all been GIVING OUR JOBS AWAY to people from India whose sense of beliefs apparently center around child and animal abuse. The family gathered around watching their kid play with a cobra should all be shot. Maybe this is a ritual they believe allows their children to come to America to take our jobs... who knows. You are stupid LOL.

Dont be stupid!


A man who tried to set fire to his home to avoid having sex with his wife was jailed for two years.

Svetin Gulisija, 26, from Seget in Croatia admitted to starting a fire in woods just behind his house because he was too tired for sex with his wife.

The pair had to be evacuated as firefighters tried to bring the blaze under control.

The damage was later estimated to be around £15,000.

Mr C says: Stop taking her to Mcdonalds! LOL STUPID.
Dont be stupid!


We have all heard the 'man bites dog' stories, but how about a real-life 'man marries dog' tale!

This one takes the biscuit, and it could only happen in India, the land of the Kama Sutra.
But you won't find this kind of love story between man and beast in the ancient Indian sex manual.

It took place for real during a traditional hindu ceremony at a temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The groom in question was a 33-year-old Indian farmer named Selvakumar, and he was wed to a female dog named Selvi.
He married his four legged bitch to atone for stoning two other dogs to death and stringing them up in a tree 15 years ago. He believed the act cursed him and he had been suffering ever since, he told the Hindustan Times.

After he stoned the dogs he said his legs and hands got paralyzed, he lost hearing in one ear, and his speech was impaired. With doctors unable to help him, Selvakumar turned to an astrologer who told him he was cursed by the spirits of the dogs he had killed.

He could undo the curse only if he married a dog and live with it, the soothsayer warned. Family members chose a stray female dog who was then bathed and clothed for the wedding occasion. Selvi the bride was brought to the temple by village women and a Hindu priest conducted the ceremony.

The paper showed a picture of Selvakumar sitting next to his canine bride, which was adorned in an orange sari and flower garland. The paper said the groom and his family then had a feast, while the dog got a bun. It was reported that Selvi attempted to make a bolt for it -- apparently due to the big crowds -- but she was tracked down and returned to her new 'husband'.

"The dog is only for lifting the curse and after that, he plans to get a real bride," a friend of the groom said.
Deeply superstitious people in rural India sometimes organize weddings to dogs and other animals, believing it can beat certain curses.

Peeps, I am really starting to believe in demonic possession! LOL This is where your IT job is going! LOL Stupid! ROMALOL. Pure stupidity! Imagine what the babies will look like! LOL.
Dont be stupid!


Yahoo Question: Why does Ann Coulter always wear a black dress? Does she ever wash the thing? Does she only have one?

Mr C answers: Why do you even give a rat's ass? She wears the stupid black dress because she morns daily the stupidity of people!

She rocks, and well you suck. Guess you would rather see her in some ghetto shit huh! You are stupid. You should read what she actually writes stupid.

Dont be stupid!


Yahoo Question: My head hurts, and I am constantly clearing my throat. I am six years old.

Mr C answers: What in the hell! When I was six years old I was playing with my stretch Armstrong and eating dirt! What in the hell is a six year old on Yahoo Answers asking health questions? Oh wait! Is your mother cracked out again?

I think you will live, now go and dial 911 and tell them that you have been abandoned by your family! And if this isn't the case stupid, get off the internet and go tell your damn mother that you have a headache! You stupid shit! LOL

Dont be stupid!


Yahoo Question: Can I learn in my sleep? got some BBC Bitesize clips. I put them on my IPod and listen to them when i can for my Science GCSEs. I was wondering if i listened to them in my sleep would i subconsciously learn it? I know they did it on TV once but they only did it with one person for one night. Is it worth a try or would i just be wasting time and disturbing my sleep?

Mr C answers: Are you waiting for someone to tell you that it works? Why just go to sleep and do it? Then your little lazy ass can get on the internet and let us all know if you can become and Eisenstein while sleeping. I can only only imagine the logic behind your question, but I will be nice.

You are lazy and should consider learning the way we did in the 80's. Unplug the damn internet and study the shit so you can learn it. But hey, who am I? If it works let us know-Id really love to learn to program computers! Oh wait! I could use my I pod to learn the secrets of the stock market, then become another Jimmy Buffet!

Dont be stupid!