Monday, January 26, 2009


Evening Peeps! If you saw the update on myspace today then you all know that I had Jury Duty here in stupidville! Well against my better judgment, I got up, and got all dressed up in my nice red Tommy polo, and a nice pair of baggie Levis! I made sure I put extra hair grease on my somewhat fuzzy head, because I am to lazy to go get a haircut.

I finally got to the courtroom, five minutes late, only to be told that I had to sit there and watch a movie, and fill out paperwork. Now, I am not un-American at all, and believe that everyone should preform there civil duty. But what really pissed me off was when they announced to us that we would be getting a big 12 bucks a day for doing our duty to this country.

I looked around the courtroom at all the district attorneys, clerk of court people, and the lawyers buzzing around with their thousand dollar suits on and the somewhat obvious (fake hair) on one of the Attorneys who looks more like bozo the clown than an attorney. I sat there and thought of a million reasons to not get up and walk out of my civic duty to protest the injustice.

Mr C says- If you stupid people think that I am going to sit there and get ass cramps all day, take in all the evidence, analyze the case, the witnesses, and all the legal bullshit, that no one can really understand and do it for 12 dollars a day then you are just stupid!

Why is Mr C presence in the courtroom not worth more than 12 a day, when everyone in there makes at least 200,000 a year! What the hell is wrong with this picture?
Serving on a Jury (True Books: Civics)

Mr C
Dont be stupid!