Saturday, June 13, 2009

OBAMA AND HIS POLITICAL POSSE - livin large on taxpayer "allowances"

WASHINGTON- word up y'all hip daddy obama-yo-mamma rollin' larj wit his posse, livin larj an beein real. strate up dog blingin round wit da res of congres an da dope money of da fool tax-payassss! yo man keepit re-ul!

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MARRIAGE IS CLEARLY DEFINED IN THE BIBLE - and brilliantly explained in very simple terms too!

At last someone clearly spells out what "marriage" is defined to be, according to the bible. Apparently our current definition, which is supposed to be based on these traditions, needs to be corrected but not in the way that people are trying to! They've got it all wrong.

Pay attention all you bible thumpers! This is MARRIAGE as defined by the BIBLE! Enjoy!

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After spending millions of dollars to identify where swine flu originated, scientists have discovered that H1N1 mutated from children playing with pigs in petting zoos. In a bold move, WHO has declared that all petting zoos are now illegal and all animals in the world will now be quarantined to prevent other cross-species viruses from evolving.

An official from WHO spoke anonymously that they are terrified that if H1N1 was spawned from kissing pigs, what other kinds of viruses are on the way from people who have sex with other animals! Some scientists theorize that this might explain the origins of career politicians lol...

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WASHINGTON - The financially strapped U.S. Postal Service will run out of money this year without help from Congress, Postmaster General John Potter warned on Wednesday.

“We are facing losses of historic proportion. Our situation is critical,” Potter told a House subcommittee.

Postal employees, upset by pending layoffs and setting mail delivery only to Monday through Friday, have begun staging protests by randomly vandalizing mailboxes all over the country. The US Government, in yet another stupid bailout, is planning on just giving the USPS all the money left over in the treasury to get them to stop.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is a perfect example of why career politicians should ALL be IMPEACHED and REMOVED from office. Instead of focusing on their critical budget crisis, which will impact nearly everyone in the state and visitors as well, what are they working on?

Creating a Blueberry Commission,
Defending Pomegranate Juice,
Instructing 9th and 10th graders about organ donation,
Banning toy cigarette lighters,
and arguing about what font should be on healthcare worker's name tags.

I see how these things are obviously MUCH more important than their budget deficit! I mean, just what will the 9th graders who love blueberries and pomegranates do, when their lighters are taken away and then 9 years from now they have to fill out an organ donor card when they actually get their license and can make that kind of decision?

You know what? ALL California lawmakers should also be fined for wasting our time and money. Then fire them all.

Politicians defend this stupidity by saying this is a democracy and many things are worked on, and all ideas should be allowed "in". That is insulting. What we apparently need then is someone who can prioritize all the stupid things they look at, and actually tell them what is important. Like a parent must do for a child who wants to eat the cookie instead of the broccoli.

Well I say to them... keep defending your ridiculous "democratic" behaviors. It just means your little democracy is going to crumble away as a new Boston Tea Party will sweep y'all into the history books.

To Schwarzenegger's credit, he is trying to make the politicians look like the fools that they are. I'll give him that one. Where is the terminator when you need him? If he can take care of the stupid California lawmakers, can we borrow him for the ones in North Carolina?

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I was in deep meditation this morning around 10 am when I received an alert from Yahoo-- Swine Flu pandemic has begun. The first in 41 years.

I was astonished at this news, as like most Americans we have been told since early May that the swine flu was tapering off. The news all but became just a couple Internet jokes, with virtually no media coverage anymore.

Now the World Health Organization is going to announce the big news! Nearly 27,737 cases of swine flu, including 141 deaths. The level has been raised from a 5 to 6. It is interesting to me that they are urging Governments to NOT RESTRICT TRAVEL OR TRADE. wtf?!

Many health experts say WHO's pandemic declaration could have come weeks earlier but the agency became bogged down by politics. In May, several countries urged WHO not to declare a pandemic, fearing it would cause social and economic turmoil.

Am I reading this article correctly? They didn't want to tell us just how bad it was because they feared social and economic turmoil? Am I wrong in saying that WE HAVE BEEN IN TURMOIL FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS? And they wanted to withhold vital health news just to keep us shopping?

The article also stated that The U.S. government has already taken steps like increasing availability of flu-fighting medicines and authorizing $1 billion for the development of a new vaccine against the novel virus.

This is proof positive that the United States government has and always will take care of their own at the expense of the people who are working so hard. Who cares right?

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You are responsible for your life. You can't keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction. Life is really about moving on.

Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you, but they can't prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you're presented with and moving on.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what your situation, you can always do something. You always have a choice and the choice can be power.

Blaine Lee

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"Equations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity."


"The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."

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Virtual Greetings
As I was walking into the church to attend my daughter's public high-school graduation, I was stopped within a few feet of the entrance. This was after driving 30 miles from my home- into the next county no less.

The lady who stopped me said "Sir do you have your tickets?" I almost responded with "Sure, do you have a slim fast?" but I was good...

I was already pissed that the idiotic school board of Yadkin County, NC, decided to pull this stunt on me and the rest of the parents. But instead of raising the roof about this, I had decided earlier to bite the nail, keep my mouth closed, and just drive the 30 miles. I mean after all, I did look pretty spiffy.

I thought it was stupid that they made us get tickets, just so we could watch our children graduate! I snapped the tickets out of my pocket, as I had already anticipated drama. When you get a couple thousand rednecks in one place, drama is bound to happen.

This rotund doorkeep looks at me and says "Well you don't need tickets anyway, because the church is full and you'll have to sit in the lobby" Sit in the lobby? What was she saying?

At that point, I noticed that many people were already sitting in hard steel chairs, looking up at LCD monitors of the graduation scene. I knew at that moment that I was going to do what I do best...

Holy Crap. Mary mother of Jesus Pancakes! What had she just said to me? I know this ignorant christian redneck doorstop did not just tell me to watch my daughter graduate from a video link!!! Does this lady not know who I am?

Well I was about to tell her. I am the dreaded asshole Mr. C, known by the school board as "The Harper Valley PTA Dad". At this time my entire body began sweating, and instead of taking the professional approach, I loosened my tie.

I said "Look lady, I drove thirty miles in this 90 degree weather, spent three hours getting everyone ready, and spent only God knows how much money on some nice duds for us to wear-- and my daughter is the most important person ever. Now, I am going in that church-- whether you or anybody else likes it.

I wish that I had got the dumbfounded look on her face on camera, as I marched off with my other children. My other three had this satisfied look about them, this "take that you pig" kinda look.

With that said--she motioned for the Sheriff nearby as I walked my happy self along with my other children right up the steps and into the balcony of the church. Standing room only. Unknown to her, but the Sheriff's deputy was MY training Officer! As I am a Training Officer for the Sheriff LMAO!

Do I have the best luck in the world or not! Anyway, I did get to see her graduate from the balcony and I made a little noise from way up there and she told me later that she knew it was me in the balcony!

The Yadkin County Board Of Education--The parents of any graduate should have had reserve seating in the main sanctuary! And we should not have had to drive across county lines to honor our children. The reasons that the board gave for this fiasco-in-a-church was so THE PARENTS would be comfortable for the graduation. Well guess what-- you didn't actually DO anything to ensure that happened. FAIL.

Well, Mr. C says- the church was way overcrowded-- a fire hazard I'd suspect, AND some parents were forced to watch from video monitors. AND you owe us all gas money! Why was the football field not used, like it has for the last 50 years?

You had to pay for security and the expense of the church? That is just STUPID, especially when teachers are being laid off in these economic times. The parking lots around the church where barricaded (why?) and we had to just fend for ourselves and walk to the church. And what really gets me is that the entire STAFF of the high school sat on the stage in a cap and gown!

I wonder how much all this cost the taxpayers when the stadium is already PAID FOR? I wonder who on the school board goes to this church-- the state should not be putting ANY money into church coffers-- FOR ANY REASON, EVER.

I also ponder the thought of civil liberty lawsuit? A secularized, public, state-funded school having a forced graduation in the sanctuary OF GOD? I thought Church and State were supposed to be separate? Guess not in Stupidville.

Every parent should write or call the Board and tell them what a hell ride that graduation was. Oh did I mention that we had to walk almost a mile to get to the church? Yes I think I did.

I also found out that they had a pretty elaborate video system set up to record the entire thing! Hey imagine that! I wonder how much the DVD will be sold for? They should GIVE copies of that DVD out to every parent, just to say they are sorry for doing the commencement the way they did.

I can't wait till the next one graduates!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


WASHINGTON – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the Obama administration doesn't want to place caps on executives' pay — even though it believes excessive compensation led to risk-taking that contributed to the financial crisis.

So what do they do? More of the same? You decide for yourselves. No caps of CEO pay? Is this the "Change we can believe in" that Obama promised?

We the people-- are the stupidest generation ever! I say a Boston Tea Party is in order, by using OUR money, no matter how little it may be, to send them a message!

WE WANT REAL CHANGE! Stop giving them your money!

CEO's that make MILLIONS should be capped out at a certain level because that is why we are in this economic mess! And our fearless leaders just keep working within the existing paradigm!

Well wake up Washington! The existing system DOESN'T WORK! It has reached capacity and is at fail-point. You know it doesn't work and you don't care that it doesn't work!

Yet, you people have given trillions of dollars (OUR MONEY) to CEO's and then you say that you do not want to cap out CEO's salaries? You are rebuilding other countries with OUR money (Billions) while the American people are starving, jobless, and hurting!

I attended my daughters high school graduation yesterday and as I watched I remembered the dreams that I had when I was in high school! And I just said silently to myself-- "these children have no idea!" As I listened to all the speeches about how you can be or do anything, it made my stomach hurt!

The truth is that there isn't much of an outlook for the children of this new world that we live in. They should have told all of them to get involved with your government by asking questions instead of continuing on with more of the same. But just like any other "leader", their agenda was to spin things and misdirect the people they were addressing, and give a good cheerleading speech that was worthless. Mission accomplished.

They should have told the children to always stand for what they believe in, and have the moral strength to make decisions that are right-- not matter what the government says, to actually work for everything you want and build something positive-- to make the change themselves instead of relying on the government to do it.

Instead we just package them up and send them off to run this rat race, to make the existing rich people richer and more powerful, eventually to sit around disillusioned to the lies that they feed US every day.

This has truly been the generation of music as there seems to be a song for everything, well the song for today....Another One Bites The Dust. Sad.

Every single commencement speech given in this nation this year should have been about one topic only: Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenagers.

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Folks she is at it again. Why do we allow THIS to happen and keep our mouths shut? (click the title link)

By Bruce

N.C. members of Congress

Bargain Crazy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Could someone please tell me why Oprah is on Myspace all of a sudden? Myspace has been around for ten+ years and she never wanted a Myspace account before, so why now? Could it be that she is losing some ratings for her show?

Does she need all of us to tune in everyday so she can keep the millions flowing into the Secret Society of billionaires? Is this was that secret meeting was about? I'm thinking that in a few week's Bill Gates will have a Myspace account and that buffet guy, what's his name again?

When the going gets tough, they always turn to us poor people to turn it around for them! Hey Oprah! Nobody keeps Tom as a friend on Myspace, is he also part of the Billionaire Club? Mr. C thinks that Oprah is soon to suffer the same fate as Sally Jessie.

Her current update is "Live your best life" I think it should say "All Myspacers will receive a check from me for making me who I am today" How in the hell can we live our best lives when 14 million people are out of work!

Oprah, use your great platform to tell the people at the crazy house (Washington) to stop using the American people as slaves to achieve their personal goals and to stop throwing OUR money to the wind! You and Michelle are best friends right? You have Obama's cell phone number so use it! Do something! Stop talking about Botox and Diet Pills and talk about the economy!

In the past I had a great respect for you and what you accomplished, but all people with a voice are now guilty for just sitting around doing nothing for the people that put you where you are today! People love you Oprah! Open your mouth to the Obama's and demand change!

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Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes it's true. An angry customer in the Tampa Bay area attempted to return some items he'd bought, and the customer service stupid would not allow him to do so for whatever reason.

41 year old Phillip Wright then started a blaze with three stacks of clothing that was sitting nearby, including the items he was trying to return.

No injury's reported, but the store did get some significant fire damage.

Mr. Wright was apprehended later in the day at another Wal-Mart. Mr C being a former Retail Customer Service Manager, ask why the cashier didn't just do the return? I mean full credit is given from the manufacture for returned goods. Wal-Mart made 400 Billion is sales last year. I guess that China doesn't accept returns, who knows?

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Washington, DC 06/16/2025 : China announced last week that it will sever all tie's to the United States and the American people. After high level talks that lasted almost six months, China's President would not budge on his position. "The United States is a cesspool of people that will stop at nothing to get what they want"

Beginning 06/12/2025 all imports to the US will cease.

President Oprah Winfrey could not be reached for comment as she is in Europe getting her weekly face-lift. She is the oldest President in History at 102 years old.

Wal-mart, the biggest importer of Chinese products to the US announced the immediate shutdown of every Wal-Mart store in the United States with the immediate sale of all it's inventory at yard sale prices in the parking lots. Without China, there can be no Wal-mart.

The numbers in from Washington is that there are now 180 billion unemployed people in the United States. People from Wall Street to the Ghetto are scrambling to stockpile everything they can find. Every Branch of the Military is on high alert. We don't know how people will react after they realize that there is no more Wal-mart, said a spokesman.

American Red Cross President Paris Hilton issued a statement shortly thereafter. " The United Sates has relied on China for the last 50 years to give us everything we want. Now they are gone...She broke down crying as Prez Hilton brushed her tears away and she was rolled away in her wheelchair.

"This is a sad day in America, said the White House Press Secretary Chelsea Clinton said as she brushed away a tear, America was raised on Wal-mart, she sniffed. Chelsea was rushed away by secret service, a red light emergency was called in from her mother's nursing home.

Her aging mother was said to have had a major breakdown after hearing the news at a New York nursing home. A spokesman for the high-end nursing home says that Mrs. Clinton now 109 had to be sedated when she heard of Wal-marts demise.

Unverified buzz from the Pentagon is that the US may invade China-almost like the "Bush War" decades ago. If America takes control of China, then we can bring the little yellow happy face back into the hearts of Americans! We will all surely perish without Wal-Mart.

The four children of Sam Walton who are worth an estimated 1,000,000,000 trillion dollars together- have been moved to an undisclosed location by the United States. Some estimate that they have gone underground with the Harvard Scientist Aron Spelling IV great grandson of Billionaire Aron Spelling.

Spelling made headlines in 2017 when her successfully created the "Resurrection Machine" after raising Bill Clinton from the dead!Clinton later moved to China. The Walton's hope to raise Sam Walton from the dead, so he can fix the Wal-mart mess. Sam can fix America again!
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