Saturday, February 19, 2011

if men had periods they would brag about the size of there tampons!!!

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is wondering why people think bartenders care about your misrable life. We dont! Now leave some cash and be on your way!

2011 GRAMMY NomineesThe King Is Dead

My father confused me. From the ages of one to seven, I thought my name was Jesus Christ!

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just created a facebook page for my right hand so I can tell the world I'm in a relationship with it $10 Gift Card (0114)XLR male to XLR female Microphone Cable - 15 feet

You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something.

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Nothing beats farting in a crowd then walking away from the scene to watch the drama unfold.

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Whenever I sing,i put the cat in the front yard. That way,the neighbours can see it and know it's not being strangled.

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Funny Facebook Status Messages is elevated to the point of reversing gravity

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Funny Facebook Status Messages - Due to time constraints, your regularly scheduled status has been postponed. Please check back later for further updates.

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Wisconsin - Burned out and Pissed! ROCK ON! Change in America!

Wisconsin protest

Walk like an Egyptian? It's starting. Career Politicians running for the hills!

Political agendas, person gain, wealth and greed has destroyed America. Many deny it, many choose to just go to Walmart and buy some more junk from china, But as time passes more and more hard working people (let me find a good word here) are....well, pissed.

Politicians will not face off with the voting public on any issue unless it is scripted before hand. They refuse make decisions to benefit US. The heat is on with every politician across America, It is time to stand up and get their hands dirty and listen to us.

We are headed for definite change here in America and it will not come by the policitains, It will come from the PEOPLE. I hope that politicians are ready to answer when America comes knocking at their door. 

As I was updating my Facebook today I seen a post by Dave Sullivan who is a popular radio host out of Atlanta, he was attempting to debate with Judson Hill a Georgia State Senator about Sunday sales of Alcohol. Apprantly the Senator could not "Hang" with Sully, so he deleted him from his Facebook!

Now that might not seem like a big deal, but it is the sentiment of most politicians. Feed em a bunch of crap, keep em in the dark and pretend they dont exist!

Wake up America! 

Spitting out babies does not make you a parent no more than sitting in a Church Pew makes you St Peter! Just saying

AloneBridge To Happiness

Sugarland - Something More SONG OF THE DAY!

YouTube - Sugarland - Something More:


If you are going to take the time and the RISK of sneaking a camera into the greatest show on earth, and the LAST one at that- SHUT THE HELL UP WITH THE DAMN SINGING- IT RUINS IT ALL! DAMN

Jim Gray

Jim Gray 'removed' from Golf Channel coverage after confrontation - Devil Ball Golf - Golf - Yahoo! Sports:

"You news hounds keep calling bums like Gray 'Journalists'. That's far from the truth. Why dignify an idiot with that kinda title.....He's no more of a Journalist than Dr Phil is a Doctor.It's the mystique that all you bindlestiffs like to shroud yourselves in.

Say the truth for a change...You are nothing more than gossip chasing news reporters, with little regard for the dignity of any individual, rather nothing more than smearing fecile matter on anyone close enough to catch it.

A Journalist is someone like Haywood Hale Broun...Walter Cronkite...Eric Sevareid....Chet Huntley....Edwin name a few REAL Journalists...Gray is trash!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cityville Pop ups?

And since im a bitch rant this morning! Most of us that play these games do not (AND WILL NOT) make time to sit around and watch these stupid popups on our computer screens when we could be doing other things, like looking at porn or shopping for new leather jackets!

Let the popups go! We (The Players) Run the games, you really should listen!

Sigh No More

Cityville Goals? What a train Wreck!

Hello Cityville dummy's! You have these goals that pop up  throughout the game right? Id like to know what is the point in MAKING those of us that are ahead of the game REDO these goals after we have already done them over and over? Makes no sense and just further pisses us hard core gamers off.

Id think it might be in your best interest to hire programmers that actually play the games they write code for! Hey there's an idea! Preferably those that do not wear sandals to work everyday and piss in the floor!

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