Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bombing underway in Lybia

Correct me if I am wrong, But what in the heck are we doing bombing Lybia? I fully understand that WHAT he is doing is wrong, BUT they have been killing each other since the beginning of time. What interest do we have in doing this? Is it going to bring back JOBS, is it going to FIX out economy? I dont think so-

Its the OIL and that is ALL-

Friday, March 18, 2011

says Censorship is █ very ██████ █████ in █████ ██████...

Reality Check: Four Out of Ten U.S. Millionaires Do Not Feel Rich - TIME NewsFeed

Reality Check: Four Out of Ten U.S. Millionaires Do Not Feel Rich - TIME NewsFeed

These shitbags have the nerve to wine and bitch because they want 7.5 million to "Feel" RICH- I can't wait till they all go belly up and have to live like the rest of us.

The Radiation has hit! NOW get your Mickey Mouse Hats on and get to Wal-mart, like good little Americans!

Diplomat says minuscule fallout reaches Calif. - Yahoo! News

Funny Facebook Status Messages! How many untold MILLIONS of Americans have finally figured out what a prefecture is? I know you all wanted to ask!

Desenclave 1er mvtOkinawa: A WikiFocus Book (WikiFocus Book Series)

Funny Facebook status! Your horoscope is READY: Plane will be late, you will get fired from your job, panties will fall down while your hands are full, and yes the wind will blow your weave off while walking into church!

Bad DayBad Day at Black Rock

Funny Facebook Status! just recieved a letter in the mail from Jerry Springer asking me to be a guest on his show.... This cant be good

Saving Rachel (A Donovan Creed Crime Novel)

Joyce Myer is on my TV....WHY? Those millions that god blessed her with to have a face lift---Yikes....FAIL

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is Twitter? I am on Twitter because I delight in hearing celebrities give bland accounts of meetings with other celebrities.

Cher on Vacay and Tweeting!

The last few night ROCK DIVA Cher has been tweeting up a storm! She even hinted last night that SHE may go on tour next year, but for now she is tired and needs a break! A well deserved one I might add after that long run in Vegas pulling off a show that ONLY she could! 

CherShe spoke a little of Kathy Griffin and how she made her laugh, then she talked about some cool pics that she posted from her private collection (which was awesome) I might add.

Cher Tweets, Ok let's talk Kathy ! I love her . We r Good friends .took her Maui with G & bunch a my best friends 4 yrs! Only KG & RZ.

Then she goes on to talk about her music, and her religion and of course some fashion tips, But what I was most intrigued with is her ability to "communicate" with her fans! She even asked her followers what kind of music they would like to hear if she goes on tour! How many ROCK STARS have you ever heard that come from? NONE-

Thanx 4 ??'s I'll try & give good answers !Am Tibetan Buddhist ! Might tour Next yr ? Need break! Need 2 know songs u want 2 hear Most

She even asked anyone to ask her a questions, and she responded promptly with answers to some of them! How awesome is that!

She hands down has a heart of GOLD, and the voice of a GOD! This is truly what makes her the cream of the crop! The world has defiantly not seen the last of this amazing women! ROCK ON! 

If you have "Followed her on Twitter DO SO! You wont regret it! 

Radiation to reach the US tomorrow?

Im a little confused at why CNN is reporting that a radiation plume could reach the United States by tomorrow and WHY are we just finding out about it now? Obama has been busy picking his favorites for the Final Four while in the meantime the entire Middle East is showing out, and the world's WORST environmental disaster, NATURAL and NUCLEAR is unfolding right before our eyes.

This is just OUT OF TOUCH Washington is with what's going on people! Demand better, if we all dont die from radiation poisoning. I fathom that in a couple years there will be two classes of people left on this earth- the RICH, and the RICHER.

Head for the hills

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rise and fall of a billionaire

rise-fall-of-patricia-kluge: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance: "Kluge"

Another sad story about some loser billionaire who has fell on hard times! Oh the tears that are flowing from my eyes right now! Sooo Sad!

Whatever- now she can learn to live like the rest of us! Welcome to hell!

Sara Pain get dissed? No one in this family seems to ever win.

Prominent New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg says that Sarah Palin just might have a clearer path to the Republican presidential nomination next year than commonly understood – an event he warns would lead to President Obama's clear reelection.

Some people just don't know when to shut that mouth-

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to make your own Douchbag on a budget!

How to make your own douchebag

(on a tight budget)
douche instructions in two easy steps

Douching is fun, or so the saying goes. Premium douche equipment isn't affordable for many douching enthusiasts, but that doesn't mean that you can't get in on the 'fun' too. If you're a good scrounger, you can make a HUGE doucher with no money. A couple of bucks'll get you the goods to make that squirtbag last a lifetime. Read on for douche instructions - how to construct your own reusable ghetto homemade douche bag.

1. First, get your gum to a nice moistened consistency (chew it, you douchebag) and then attach it to the hole at the small end of your pastry bag. We're doing this to prevent vinegar from getting all over your cheap t-shirt after the final building phase. Other methods work too, so figure something out if you can't find any gum.

2. And finally, pry the large end of the pastry bag apart. This takes great concentration and unbelievable strength. Call a friend for help if you need it.

You're done. Now have fun!

Fill your new Douchebag9000 with the vinegar and go nuts.

Tricking out your new homemade douche

-- Try putting some cool stickers or decals on your doucheroo. It adds character to an otherwise boring pastry bag.
-- Add food coloring to your douching liquid. Use your bag to make unique tie-dye apparel. What fun.
-- Mix chocolate chips or nuts into your vinegar for added douching texture and flavor. Taking a douche has never been so fun. Follow douche instructions carefully. And have fun with your db!

Casper is having SEX? The Beginners guild to SEX when your DEAD!

People will fall for just about anything these days, ya know. The Beginners guide to Sex in the afterlife? Are you kidding me? What is the first step? Jumping off a building? And HOW exactly does this author know? Did he die, and rape some angles?

I must give him a thumbs up for creativity, and an A for knowing the right thing to say to get people to throw cash at him! Good Job- I hear that the nursing homes are investing heavily in these books to place next to the Gideon bibles in the rooms! 

He claims that sexual energy runs through the universe and then through us! Hey! So does Gonorrhea! Poor Casper! 

The Beginner's Guide to Sex in the AfterlifeYES THIS IS THE REAL BOOK ! 

Funny Twitter Messages! Why hasn't someone invented an alarm clock that just hands you a cup of coffee?

The Twitter Book

Japanese Government Warns Those Nearby Nuclear Plant To Stay Indoors In Order To Avoid Radiation

Japanese Government Warns Those Nearby Nuclear Plant To Stay Indoors In Order To Avoid Radiation

I know most everything, but I will admit that I know nothing about these reactors or anything about all this nuclear bullshit- But I will say this- IT is time for the Japanese Govnerment to tell the truth to these people about just how bad it really is.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bank of America accused

Bank of America accused of loan scam by employee - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

In case you have not read this article-Read it, then close all your accounts and move to another bank- Change really is simple. What Douche-bags!