Saturday, April 2, 2011

Funny Facebook Status Messages - was was just kicked out of Walmart for giving myself a breast exam. Apparenlty I misunderstood the concept of a self check out lane.

Funny Facebook Status Messages - Saw a guy return a wedding set at Walmart today and get his $36 back. I'm guessing her answer was, "No."

Pastor Terry Jones

This has to be a complete JOKE! Look at these fuckers! These are supposed to be grown people! They look more like retards in a mental institution playing dress up! The amazing part is that these dumb-asses really believe that they are somehow blessed by GOD! 

SNOOKIE / PALIN 2012 ! ! !

Courtney Love, Girl go get you a whopper.

"Dancing with the Stars" Kirstie Alley looks just a little STRESSED! Girl it isn't that bad!

Brad Pitt and Angelia on the brink? Look at these faces YOU decide.

Funny things to do at Walmart, is going into the fitting room at Walmart and yelling very loudly there is no toilet paper in here

Funny thing to say on Twitter? so I go to walmart and see two problems, 1. they have a justin bieber doll and 2. you press his crotch to hear him sing...

Explain the Super-bug in Hospitals? Its really simple- Unless you dying stay away from Hospitals.

I dont care what anyone say's! Hospitals are full of infection and God only knows what else. And the fact that Hospitals and Heathcare billionaires cannot stand you WELL- They want you sick! That's how they go on vacations every month! Don't get sucked in!

Take care of yourself! Eat RIGHT! And get you ass to moving.

Facebook Status about Walmart! When the lady at Walmart with 5 screaming children all under the age of 8 wants to know how the condoms got in her cart @ checkout ... I will just say Your Welcome!

This is for all the haters that think that Cher PAID for her sexy young look! Look at her MOTHER! Its in the Genes BITCHES. Don't Hate!

Just Awesome! 

So you think you have a nice ass? Its looks more like the back end of a camel if you ask me!

Funny Facebook Status Messages 04/02/10, Now don't you feel like the queen of the Prom BITCH.

So who is protesting the Royal Wedding? Barb says if they don't like it, then they need to get a life and move the hell on!

Barb Starkey

Thursday, March 31, 2011

20 Million Clicks dont lie!

Adam Lambert announces he's not GAY after all! Sorry Freaks!

Post this in Facebook and Twitter on April Fool's Day!

This is Breaking News on CNN! Mcdonalds is filing chapter 13, closing 3 million stores!

Funny things to POST on Facebook and Twitter APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is increasing its nationwide monitoring of radiation as two states reported very low levels of radiation in milk.

Dont drink MILK. That simple.

Jackie Chan is dead.

April Fools!

Bill and Hillary Clinton announces they are separating.

Post on Facebook April Fool's Joke!

Facebook Pranks to post on Facebook for April Fools Day! Donald Trump is buying Twitter and Facebook for real!

Facebook Pranks to post on Facebook for April Fools Day! Stalker reportedly shot by Police after he was found hiding in Mark Zuckerberg s Car!

Love & Other DrugsHereafterThe Next Three Days

Status to post on April Fools day sure to get a response! OMG! I just slapped the shit out of my sister! Tear!

April Fools Pranks for Facebook! Sara and Todd Palin File for Divorce! Look it up! Yahoo News!

Post this in your Facebook and watch it go around the world on April Fools Day!

Facebook Status Messages for April Fools day! I'm Gay sorry mom.

The FighterThe TouristLove & Other Drugs

Facebook status message: holding the tiny dancer close...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little piece of heaven.

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Winners of the Mega Millions come forward!

What the hell can I say, We needed the money.

Video - Breaking News Videos from - A mom says she injects her 8-year-old with Botox because she wants her to be a superstar.

Video - Breaking News Videos from "A mom says she injects her 8-year-old with Botox because she wants her to be a superstar."

Who in the hell would inject your 8 year old CHILD with BOTOX. This stupid ass mother is defiantly OVER the line, and CHILD services should step in ASAP and remove that child from her mother. Unfit is Unfit, it's that simple.

If you think for one minute that BOTOX at 8 year's old is going to make your daughter a superstar, then I guess you would believe that CRACK cocaine is a diet supplement! You have already started this young child on a destructive path that will only lead down a path of  self destruction. What the hell are you going to do when she is laughed out of Hollywood? Turn her into a street whore? You suck.

You need your face beat in stupid. That simple. Find a bus.

Is Jackie Chan Dead or NOT?

Seriously confused on this one.

Testicle Festival Brings Sold Out Crowd

Testicle Festival Brings Sold Out Crowd - Video - WXII The Triad

Got Nuts?

Cher to star as Captain kirk in the next Star Trek! cant wait!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Joan Rivers dissin Kathy Griffin. I mean who in the hell hugs like that, look at Joan's hand! Was she afraid it was going to break off?

Report: Dentist Overbilled Medicaid To Live Lavish Lifestyle - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad

Report: Dentist Overbilled Medicaid To Live Lavish Lifestyle - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad

And they made mistakes, and plan to pay back Medicare? Used incorrect Medicare codes 19,000 times! It is interesting that the article makes no mention of 19,000 charges being filed, or a bond amount. Why is that?

iPhone Mistakenly Dropped From Plane Found Scratch-Free YES there's an APP for that. Parachute my IPHONE.

iPhone Mistakenly Dropped From Plane Found Scratch-Free - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad

There are fame sluts and then there are fame whores. I do not believe any part of this story. There is NO way in hell that an IPHONE can fall from a plane traveling at 150 miles per hour and drop over a 1,000 feet into rugged terrain unless Apple has a parachute app installed.

And it didn't even have a scratch! OK Mr. Airmen who found it on a four wheeler and you guessed it another APP called "Find my Iphone" There is your 5 minutes of fame. Move on.

Complete bullshit.

April Fools Facebook Status Message Pranks! Big Announcement! It was me that won the 312 million dollar mega lottery! Sorry Bitches.

April Fools Facebook Status Message Pranks! CNN is reporting that Ted Williams, the man with Radio Voice is taking over as the next idol judge!

April Fool's DayMy Bloody Valentine / April Fool's Day (Double Feature)

April Fool Pranks for Facebook! Honey I'm sorry, but I'm just not that happy anymore, I will call you when I decide where I'm going, you can have the dog.

Headline Pranks for Facebook on April Fools Day. Katy Perry cancels world tour

Joan Rivers dead at 80, her face fell off while strolling in manhatten.

Gotta love early April Fools headline pranks.

If you are here illegially then don't bitch when ICE comes knocking.

Let me in Kodi Smit-McPhee - Watch This Movie. Damn!

Let Me In

Funny Facebook Status Messages - Life is too short to dance with fat chicks

Salt - The Ultimate Female Action Hero FeaturetteWinter's BoneInception

Funny Facebook Status Messages - For believers, Jesus provides everything... except funny status updates.

Funny Facebook Status Messages - says Expired milk in my fridge: Do I throw it out or wait until it's delicious cheese?

Funny Facebook Status Messages -Twitter is overcapacity, All the celebs are talking about eating sushi tonight.

April Fools Facebook Status Messages! is saving money on her cable by switching to facebook.

Funny Facebook Status Messages - I don't hate you bitch, I just hope you get your next period in a shark tank.

Shark Tale (Widescreen Edition)Happy Feet (Full Screen Edition)

April Fools Facebook Status Messages! says I hate when people point at their wrist and ask for the time. Do I point at my crotch and ask where's the bathroom? I think NOT!

It's Kind of a Funny StoryFunny Games

April Fools Facebook Status Messages! wonders what the guys from Color Me Badd are doing nowadays because I need a new roof.

I Wanna Sex You Up (Single Mix)

Funny Facebook Status Messages - Little boy writes to Santa: Please send me a sister. Santa writes to little boy: Ok, send me your mother.

127 HoursThe Social NetworkUnstoppable