Saturday, April 16, 2011

World's oldest man dies in Montana at 114 - Yahoo! News

World's oldest man dies in Montana at 114 - Yahoo! News: "Here's the world's oldest man's secret to a long life:
• Embrace change, even when the change slaps you in the face. ('Every change is good.')

• Eat two meals a day ('That's all you need.')

• Work as long as you can ('That money's going to come in handy.')

• Help others ('The more you do for others, the better shape you're in.')
Then there's the hardest part. It's a lesson Breuning said he learned from his grandfather:

Accept death.
'We're going to die. Some people are scared of dying. Never be afraid to die. Because you're born to die,' he said."

The people of Japan - A must read comment

While stationed in Japan we lived in GOJ housing (Government of Japan). These houses were remarkable. They were built on rollers. Why? Because they do experience so many earthquakes each year. They also built rooms made of metal, put pocket doors in so you could close off any room, should there be a fire, and the fire is contained.

One of the things that was told to us, as we had our in-briefing was, that you could toss $400.00 on the dash of your car, walk away and do some shopping, come back and it would still be there. . .if it wasn't it was because an American took it. 

They have beer machines, like our soda machines, out on the streets. There is a drinking law and their children would never take it upon themselves to go and buy beer. . .unlike our American children would.

Once while we were there some of the businessmen had a conference with our Base Commander because they wanted to know what to do about the Amercian teenagers that were going into their stores and shoplifting. . .this is something, again, they didn't have a problem with within their own community. 

Integrity is something they lived with everyday and one of the reasons why there were so many Americans that were choosing to stay in Japan instead of returning to the States. My prayers are with them at this time.

Saturday Morning thoughts, All Eyes on Japan!

The world could take a good lesson from the way the Japanese have come together and with no whining, no finger-pointing, they have simply begun the daunting task of recovering. The do themselves proud with their sense of community and hard work. It is sad that they must be tested like this , yet it shows their best qualities.

The BEST way to get laid you ask? Barb thinks it's Farmville! Get Laid ON FARMVILLE TODAY! OH I meant to say "Lucky"

Farmville latest releases of Candy and Rainbow Trees makes me think they have gone ape shit, OR someone in programming really loves Willie Wonka!

Miley Cyrus: Not Enough Love For Me To Tour In The U.S. ARE you just now figuring this out? Hello?

Miley Cyrus: Not Enough Love For Me To Tour In The U.S.

I would imagine every palm reader in the world is attempting to read Obama's Palm from that pic of him on the front page of Huffington­! Just sayin...

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Look what the Easter Bunny Left! I asked for peeps and this is what I got? Must be on crack.

Cher on Twitter! What would you have done if you had not found Mega Stardom? Bonnie and Cher!

Cher answers! Bank Robber! I had to post this! Love it!

New dinosaur species is a missing link – This Just In - Blogs

New dinosaur species is a missing link – This Just In - Blogs

Thursday, April 14, 2011

George Bush is On tour promoting book and giving motivation speeches! Wants to be as rich as SARA!

Sold out crowds!

Funny Things to post on Facebook! BARB!

Obama say's "We need to learn to live within our means" OUR $$ goes right into Special Interest, Millionaire Politicians GREEDY CEOS! We are living within our means!

We go to work, You all STEAL it and give it away! Republic you say? More like slavery!

President Obama says "We Lost our Way" No Mr President, WE didn't lose our way, Washington SOLD it to India, China, Mexico!

Tracy Morgan -- Sarah Palin Is 'Good Masturbation Material' FEARS her stalker!

Tracy Morgan -- Sarah Palin Is 'Good Masturbation Material' | "Palin Is 'Good Masturbation Material'"

Sad that all that respect you had has gone up in smoke- Pimping Family out, NO GOOD- again you lose, Sorry.

I swear it was this big, Oh and that is my speech written in my hand! That's how I roll!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't let this look fool ya, I am a crazy bitch forreal! Catherine Zeta Jones checks into a mental health hospital!

Dolly! What's wrong with your mouth? Did some of it fall out?

Donald Trump is DEMANDING Kate Middleton's Birth Certificate!

Eric Cantor Getting Dissed? Look at Dude's Face behind him. STHU

Words from Obama, In the 1990's EVERY Billionaire and EVERY Millionaire received HUGE tax breaks!!

Farmville names it's newest tree collection after Ted Williams and offers him a Job!

Status messages about Walmart? Wonders why no one is checking Wal-mart stores for radiation? I mean ALL that shit comes from China right?

Very Good Easter Status Messages for Facebook and Twitter! Wish Americans used Facebook as efficiently as Egyptians.

Black SwanTRON: LegacyDue Date

Justin Bieber Says Besieged By Paparazzi In Israel - Stop The Presses!

Justin Bieber Says Besieged By Paparazzi In Israel - Stop The Presses!

Let me break it down to you easy here Justin as you and I both are Superstars. I was going to say I have a couple words for you, but it appears that I have a series of words - Shut the HELL up OK! what part of you have sold your soul to Hollywood and the Music Industry do you not understand?

Before you posted that first video on YouTube you should have thought about what COULD happen, did happen. Nobody CARES that you wanted to go pay homage to your GOD, nobody cares that you were at a Holy Site Justin. I mean look around at what is going on in our world.

Deal with what you have and put your big girl panties on and stop all that bitchin on Twitter. Ya know you could be working at Burger King- Count yourself blessed beyond measure. Its not your life anymore, Your life belongs to your fans. Sad but True, If Michael was still around he'd tell ya!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Most Dangerous Thing You'll Do All Day is sit on your ass.

The Most Dangerous Thing You'll Do All Day

So what the hell happens to women? My 6th grade school teacher sat on her ass all day every day and was in her 70's. Taught school for 40 years!

Easter Bunny FUNNY status for FB,Theres 2 types of people in this world.. People who have been bitten by the Easter Bunny and people who haven't..

Easter Bunny Status messages for Facebook and Twitter! Wishing all a Happy Easter, and hoping the Easter Bunny craps out a huge chocolate filled egg for you!-)

Are we headed for something unheard of in OUR lifetimes? The end of the world?

Many are asking this question with all the disasters that seem to invade our breaking news headlines everyday. The Bible Belt is screaming Armageddon, The New Agers are screaming cosmic alignment that will somehow cause the extinction of half the human race.

My take on all this is that no matter what happens, flood, earthquake, or even falling stars, BE prepared! Have a plan that you have shared with your family and loved ones, Get all the stuff you will need to sustain yourself for at least 6 months.

Those that are prepared will be the ones that have a better chance at survival more than anyone else. Its that simple, Do the research and make whatever changes you need to make in your own little corner of the world. And while you at it, get some extras in case you run across someone who might need a helping hand! 

Easter Bunny Facebook Status,Easter Bunny to her baby chic: "A magician pulled you out of a hat. Now stop asking questions!"

Dirty Whore Facebook Status,Dear Mother Nature, if you promise to stop the cold, driving rain, sleet and snow then I'll promise to stop calling you a dirty whore. Sincerely, the South.

Stay at home mothers of the 80's

As your shoving the kids out the door this am, pat them on the back and say BEEN THERE, DONE that, its all good! Then do what most stay at home mom's did in the 80's. While you thought they were home all day baking cookies JUST for you, the truth is they were smashed on the couch watching Sally Jessie and Days of our lives!

And you wonder why you always had to get to bed early! Mom was hungover! Ahh the good ole days! 

Superdadspeaks is FULLY endorsing DONALD TRUMP for President!

Is so done with career  politicians.

Sexting! What the hell is that? When we were kids we just ran up our parents phone bills calling 900 numbers, You people have no idea how bad we had it!

80's Facebook Status, STATUS for ANYONE born after 1990 - Kids when were your age, we all had phones connected to a long cord in the kitchen, you should have seen how hard it was for us to update our status on FB. Stop complaining! You have it made!

80's Facebook Status, Kids, when I was your age, the ENTIRE family shared one phone, and it was attached to the kitchen wall by a cord. We couldn't even update our Facebook status from it.

Time for Change! DONALD TRUMP for President! Repost on Facebook Twitter

Witty Things to say on Twitter? Stop taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom... It's never sexy to pose where you SHIT!

Smartass Facebook Status, So who's for a sippy cup from Applebees?

Monday, April 11, 2011

The People of Facebook! Pirates of the Caribbean (Female Style)

The People of Facebook! Look MOM, this is what you saved for all those years! Cheer's! See how cool I look?

The people of Facebook! Great Photo BAD setup! Shit holes in the background? And why do people hold that phone up? Cant you get someone to take a pic? Think I will go and take a dump now.

Applebee's Serves Toddler Stiff Drink - Video - WXII The Triad

Applebee's Serves Toddler Stiff Drink - Video - WXII The Triad

My first question is, Why did the bartender put the drink in a sippie cup to begin with? My next question is DOES the Bartender KNOW the people? In this world that we live in you never know what people will do for a BUCK?

Not saying that is the case here, BUT just fathom the bartender KNEW the people and they planned it all out! Every detail even the label being changed on what was supposed to be Apple Juice? This whole thing would go viral and someone is surely going to get a very nice payday out of this one!

Just my spin- I say the keep investigating this mess. I mean how much do you think they will get a couple million?

Wonders if rappers know that Ben Franklin was never president of the USA.

Day 2 Stop Smoking.

I chose wellbutrion because the research shows that it has minimal side effects and has a higher success rate than any other medicine on the market. And boy has it came on strong.

Cool Facebook Status Messages - ▒▒broke his sta▒tus but ▒▒▒▒ a little duct tape goes▒▒ a long w▒ay....

Funny Facebook Status messages for Easter - Think I will get out my Burger King Costume and dance around the house to some Techno

Laura and NELLIE back together again! At the doc's. Live tweeting Melissa Gilbert's colonoscopy! Follow me at @Arngrim or her at @MelissaEGilbert (I hope there no mud slinging...

I love them both! What you two are doing is great! 

Funny Facebook updates- Seems everyone is getting Colonoscopy on live TV or Twitter- Think I will get a Vasectomy and live Tweet it AND POST on Facebook.

I got crabs? How?

If I could Turn Back Time- On Facebook

There is only one place in the world where one can learn to lick a dick, and thats Arkansas.

If I Could Turn Back Time on Facebook

Positive Messages for Facebook - Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goals! Let it be heard LOUD and CLEAR- I was built TOUGH and intend on staying that way! Shout OUT! :)

Funny Facebook Status messages for Easter - thinks the only reason the Easter bunny hides his eggs is cause he doesn't want anyone to know he screwed a chicken.

Status messages for Easter - How can you tell if your chocolate Easter bunny is male or female? Bite it's head off. If it's hollow,it's a male.

Facebook Status messages for Facebook - is now friends with God, along with Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy

Easter Facebook Status messages - is wondering what the Easter bunny is doing right now?

WIth America in the shit-hole makes one wonder how the older people survived!

Federal judge, 103, still hearing cases in Kansas

Federal judge, 103, still hearing cases in Kansas - Yahoo! News:

Mr C thinks:  "He can't retire. He's waiting for the 401(k) to bounce back."

Random thoughts for Facebook - Am I the only one that wants to pull out a hammer and beat the shit out of those self check out lines at Walmart when it says "Please place item in bagging area" and you already did?

Funny Facebook Status Messages - Monday and I are NOT friends... so... who keeps bringing him over to my place to chill?!

Why doesn't Cityville have a camera?

Work on that please! I am tired of using my own.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Patrick the dog. Sign the petition! This is madness.

Philippe Dauman of Viacom was paid $84.5 million in 9 months! HAPPY days are back — in the corner office, at least.

Executive Pay Soars in 2010 -

IN just nine months, Philippe Dauman of Viacom was paid $84.5 million, more than any other C.E.O. made all year.

The Bailout of 2008 was and will go down in History as the Biggest Heist on the American people! Now as soon as your done reading this story run out to Walmart and buy some shit from China! They are waiting for your paycheck.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Curves

Looks like she just stepped out of the salon instead of the gym!
Kudos to staying in shape, now if you girls could just learn proper English! Work on that k?

Charlie Sheen Booed In New York City: Radio City Music Hall Show A Bomb

Charlie Sheen=Lind­say Lohan
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

My grandpa used to say "The best cure for a broken heart is a piping hot bowl of mom's homemade chicken soup. And a hooker."