Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding: Missouri Woman Quits Job to Attend Royal Wedding Festivities in London -

Royal Wedding: Missouri Woman Quits Job to Attend Royal Wedding Festivities in London -

She must have been a cashier at Mcdonalds! Good for her! The Gov will pay her in a few months a fat ass welfare check! Douche.

Someone please tell me why?

Twitter is down! Post on Facebook! There a special place in hell for those people who update their facebook status on The shitter.

Religious Status Messages for Facebook - has just turned water into kool-aid. Your move Jesus

Douche-bag status messages for Facebook! if you google “MySpace” your computer will ask “Are you serious ? Douche...

Status WHORE Facebook Quotes! Monopoly pieces make McDonalds food taste so much better!!! You should try it! Just sayin

The Royal Bullshit is OVER, now start posting some funny stuff on Twitter! Whoever started the tradition to wear bright hideous Hawaiian shirts on "casual fridays" needs to be punched in the throat.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kate Middleton chooses the HAT over the Tiara! And the WINNER is! The Donald Trump Cotton Candy Comb OVER!

Muammar Gaddafi (can we just ignore LIBYA?) grabs media from Donald Trump and Obama

Capitalizing on his complete success at frustrating the biggest superpower in the world... Cu-Koo-Kadaffi has decided to further mock the US by getting his own "donald hat" and like Trump, claiming he has won great victories over Obama.

Oh, and by the way, if you use any tiny URLs, please consider that any one that ends in ".LY" is going through LIBYA's servers, owned by Cu-Koo-Kadaffi so you are SUPPORTING him. Please don't use any ".LY" tiny urls (including and

Obama vs Trump - Round 1 goes to The Donald-Clown

If you ask me, both of them are clowns and neither one of them should be running ANYTHING... just sayin'.

Obama's Birth Certificate and Mystery of Trump's Wig All Revealed!

It took an obnoxious, rich circus freak to rattle the white house into finally giving up their ghost and whipping up one official birth certificate for Obama.  As President, he should have been forced to do this on day ONE if he wanted to lead this nation.  But many years later we at least have it.  Actually the white house probably feared that failing to provide one would destroy Obama's bid for re-election, which is a lame reason to divulge it.  Obama had the last word on Trump though it seems, as the picture of him and his mommy clearly shows that the pile of bleached seaweed young prince Obama found on the beach and wore to cover his head from the sun, eventually found it's way to a permanent nest on the donald as a skull cap.

So in one fell swoop, we know where both Obama and Trump's hideous wig come from....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funny things to post on Facebook! Are these women that clueless? Oh the stupidity!

Kate Middleton's dress revealed! Spoiler!

Royal Hoop LA! Kate and Who?

McDonald's vs. Wendy's French Fry Showdown

McDonald's vs. Wendy's French Fry Showdown

I think they both taste like shit! And not to mention that they are cooked in FAT and salted with enough salt to give an elephant a heart attack! Losers!

And what's up with that American Idol logo?

CNN's Ed Henry Asks Jay Carney Birther Questions 1 Day After CNN Broadcasts 'Definitive Investigation'

This is not news! It seems that to get your 15 minutes of fame you have to ask for Obama's birth certificat­e! What a joke! Why is everyone not asking for Murder Warrants for George Bush and his clowns that destroyed this country?
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Newly Graduated And Drowning In Six Figures Of Student Loan Debt- The biggest rip off in American History! Student Loans!

Student Loans! The biggest load of horse crap ever! Millions fall for it- glad I didn't! Id rather work at Burger King and live in a FKN tent than owe Uncle Sam six figures for a piece of paper that is useless.
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Here's a thought? Do it the old fashion way! One class at a time that is paid for in advance! In the long run you won't regret it.

Funny Facebook Status! is eating Pizza Rolls and is not wearing pants.

Funny Twitter Tweets! Female driving instructors... The equivalent of a blind person teaching kids to read.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1Little FockersTRON: Legacy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cher Tour coming soon! Fingers Crossed! You have not seen the last of this woman!

Funny Pics for Facebook! What is this illegal?

Funny Facebook Status! IN the 80's When I was young the U.S. wasn't flooded with guns. We had to kill people with looks.

iPad location tracking reveals Glen Becks secret.

iPad location tracking reveals Oprah's secret.

Attack of the Zombies is a reality.