Saturday, May 7, 2011

Attempted Child Abductions Reported In Surry Co. - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad

2 Attempted Child Abductions Reported In Surry Co. - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad

Two FREAKS driving around in a WHITE VAN- Should not be that hard to spot! Read the story, watch your kids, and be on alert!

Twitter Status Messages for Mothers Day - when you go out drinking tonight don't forget to wish all the milfs at the bar a happy mothers day.

Facebook Status Messages to MOM! Moms have "mothers day" Dads have "Fathers day" Lovers have "Valentines day" what do single men have?...Palm Sunday

Mother of the YEAR?

Mothers Day Facebook Status! Got to love the crazy mothers of the world! They created US!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Help I'm addicted to Facebook!

Oksana Grigorieva Drops Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel Gibson |

Oksana Grigorieva Drops Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel Gibson | "Oksana DROPS Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel!"

Thank GOD! Now if Two and Half men would just give the crack-head his job back, The world would be a prettier place to get fucked up and text your ex's.

Oprah's last show what will she do? Oprah to give away the Sears Tower in Chicago on her last show!

U.S. to blow third hole in levee as floods worsen - Yahoo! News

U.S. to blow third hole in levee as floods worsen - Yahoo! News

I would Imagine that food prices will soar as this disaster continues to unfold. Get to the store! Milk and Bread!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where is the proof? CNN Confirms OSAMA is DEAD!

Secretary of State Hillary I like puke shit green is on CNN getting her time in the lime light!

I would imagine Gadoffi is shitting watermelons right now!

Cityville loading Issues!

As far as I can tell Cityville while not work well at ALL once you get to the higher levels and add more stuff- I have found that it runs better if you load the game and just leave it minimized when done playing, although you may have to reload it when you resume depending on how well your system runs.

Another thing that funny is that you can actually get ALOT of coins when visiting other gamers city's! Right now I am at level 80 and I get 711 coins for every city I visit! HENCE, having ALOT of neighbors will benefit you COIN wise!

WE want proof that Bin Laden is DEAD! This why they should NOT have buried him at sea! It's already started!

Osama buried at sea? This has to take the cake? I mean why would they bury him at sea? Something dosen't make sense here-

Why would they just toss him into the ocean so soon after? What about DNA testing? Pictures? Some is seriously wrong here. Stay Tuned!

There is NO way that anyone in the administration would have ordered him thrown into the sea at this moment in time- NO WAY! If he is dead SHOW us the BODY! I call bullshit on this!

Trump is sending a team of investigators to Pakistan to retrieve Osamas death certificate!

Attention New Yorkers! Get out to ground zero! Shut down the city tomorrow CELEBRATE as an honor to the people lost!

Every American should write Congress and ASK for an Investigation of George Bush and his peeps! Time for Bullshit is over!

Obama just secured his spot as the next President of the United States! “Justice has been done,” a relieved and proud President Barack Obama said in the East Room late Sunday.

8 years ago! HIS mission was accomplished!

May 1st 2010 BILLIONS of DOLLARS later, the MISSION WAS accomplished! NEXT MISSION?bring GEORGE BUSH and his friends up on some charges! 

Obama message to Trump! Follow this RAGTOP!

Facebook Status about Osama! I just heard from Twitter that Hitler is banging Osama in the Butt right now!

Ground Zero! New Yorkers! Get out there! Show the world what this means to you!

A brief Message to Westboro Baptist Church! Protest this BITCHES!

Hey George! This is how you say Mission Accomplished! Just sayin! We wont ever forget you Georgie!

This moment belongs to the American service members alive and killed, Public Servants of New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, and the Ari-lines- this is your time! The world is loving you all right now! Never forget!

US FORCES to the Terrorist! Can you hear us now?