Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exploding eggs in the microwave.

Up until yesterday I had no idea that a pre-cooked boiled egg would explode in your face when heated in the microwave. I heated the egg for 15 seconds, took it out and let it cool for a minute and then bite down on it and it exploded in my face like a hand grenade!

There no warning on the package of the boiled egg that I bought from the store. Hell, there wasn't even re-heating instructions on the package. Egg went everywhere when I bite into it and I am so thankful that it did not get me in the eye.

Here is the warning that should be on every MICROWAVE- and EVERY package of PER COOKED EGGS- DO not heat them in the microwave, it WILL explode and it will burn the crap out of you!

And to the manufacturer of these eggs (see pic below) take the time to protect consumers when you sell precooked eggs! At-least put a reheating warning on the package-would save you ALOT of time and $$ when people contact their attorneys.

No warning? 

Twitpics that are sure to cause your mouth to pop open! 1950 cover of a Hollywood magazine, look at the very top. We were stupid then, and even stupider now.

Twitter updates from "Slow Joe" - People who live in glass houses can't hide from Jehovah's Witnesses.

Twitter updates to die for! Do you know the German word for brassiere... Stopemfromfloppen

Lindsay Lohan Bares all! Well not really, but I must say- Yo dumbass, who wears earrings and necklaceses while swimming?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga's Born this Way complete album 99 cents! Today only on Amazon! Use the link below!

Ok you either hate her or like her.  I don't care. But how often does an artist give away an entire album for under 1 dollar???  That's cool and all artists should do that instead of getting super rich off everyone else.  It's for one day only too.

Barbara Bush wants to run for President on her husbands record.



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lady Gaga! Born This Way! I must say that she has impressed me with this album! You and I! The BEST!

Sarah Palin reveals her "Fire in my Belly" as either Immaculate Conception... or gas

In a recent interview, in which Sarah was asked if she had a "fire in her belly" about running for President (GOD help us) in 2012, apparently the 2 remaining brain cells in her head short-circuited and she became obsessed with that phrase, repeating it a dozen times or more in responses to other questions.

Finally she admitted that the "fire" in her "belly" might be an immaculate conception (according to brain cell #1), but later she indicated it was probably just "really nasty gas" (according to other remaining brain cell #2).

People, I would HOPE that you would want a President who had a working brain.  Obama, for all his faults and criticisms, at least is cunning and shrewd which indicates some brain power behind those soulless eyes.  For the love of your country and our collective sanity, do not vote for this moron.  Indeed, laugh her out of contention for the race!

A six-year-old is smarter than this woman.  Just because she knows how to marry into money (or do whatever nasty things she had to do to get it) and then work the system to make even more, does NOT mean she's going to be even remotely qualified to run this country.

My God.  Other countries will probably rush to attack us if she ever sets foot in the Oval Office!  Ever watch Red Dawn?

May 21 Earthquake happens in New Zealand! Rapture Begins! Camping was late but right!

A 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocked New Zealand on Saturday, causing widespread damage in one of the country's worst natural disasters.  The earthquake struck FoolsCamping, the country's thirty-second largest city, around teatime when offices were occupied and stores and streets were bustling with people.

Rescuers frantically scrambled to find hundreds people who were thought to be still trapped in the debris as darkness fell on the city Saturday night. Dazed, screaming and crying residents were seen wandering through the streets.

In another bizarre twist of fate, groups of evangelical christians who have been blabbering about the upcoming rapture were spontaneously bursting into flames as they scrambled into the streets out of falling buildings.  In fact, they are the only casualties thus far in the midst of this massive scene of destruction.

"It's just a scene of utter devastation," Prime Minister John Key said. "However we may well be witnessing New Zealand's brightest day as our christian population has finally been eradicated.  I think the cost of ridding ourselves of these mindless, blathering hypocrites was well worth it!"

The cost of rebuilding FoolsCamping has already been covered by Fools' biggest supporter, Mr. Camping, who has pledged to donate the nearly $100 million he has just pocketed from people listening to his "doomsday" prophecy.