Saturday, June 4, 2011

Experts: Videos could be damaging to Casey Anthony defense -

Experts: Videos could be damaging to Casey Anthony defense -

Enough of this BS! Get the electric chair fired up and get this sorrow piece of crap off the airwaves! She Killed that little girl in cold blood! Now we are making her a superstar beyond belief on this one!

'Worms from hell pictures revealed' Found Two Miles Deep in Earth

'Worms from Hell' Found Two Miles Deep in Earth: "'Worms from Hell'"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to screwing every WOMAN in AMERICA except Hillary Clinton!

Funny Twitter Status Messages, says scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal today's status.


Funny Facebook status messages to copy and paste! Never look at someone in the eyes while you're eating a banana.

Born This Way (Special Edition)

Funny Facebook Status! It's been reported that an 8 year-old boy from New Jersey is on the government's Airport Watch List because he has the same name as a possible terrorist. So it's been a pretty bad week for little Skippy bin Laden.

Glee: The Music, Volume 6

says Facebook account for sale, Friends included

Il Volo

Twitter updates that are funny! Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.


Facebook Status! says don't let the mornings get you down, sleep till noon!

Born This Way (Special Edition)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In todays episode of Superdadspeaks!

We find me sitting here making a list of ALL the crap that I have to do today. Laundry? Dishes? OIL change in my hotrod (Focus)? 

hmm...Haircut? Grocery Shopping? Pay Bills? Catch up on emails? Write a book? 

OR I could just sit in the pool all-day and talk to my toes and the birds flying over trying to SH&&# on my head....Yeah?

Billy Bob's daughter found guilty of manslaughter

Actor's daughter found guilty of manslaughter - omg! news on Yahoo!

Medical Records Found in Home CAN anyone say IDENITY Theft?

Medical Records Found in Home, Employee Fired - WGHP

Drug War Has Failed And Governments Should Explore Legalizing Marijuana, Says Report

Drug War Has Failed And Governments Should Explore Legalizing Marijuana, Says Report

This will NEVER happen because there will be millions of Lawyers, Judges, COPS,  OUT of work! There is too much $$ involved with DRUGS! Made ALOT of millionaires in Government!

Massachusetts Tornadoes Watch the VIDEO! Man gets hand-job while filming!

THIS "DUDE" is either shitfaced- or getting a handjob! What a complete IDIOT!

Massachusetts Tornado Video: Springfield Twister Caught On Tape

Oh my FKNIng God DUDE! Holy FKN DUDE! Ahhh I sound so relaxed? Did you just give me a handjob while that tornado passed over? Holy FKN SHIIET DUDE! DUDE! wipe your hand DUDE! Ahh DUDE! Yeah DUDE! AHH DUDE!

Hint: You know you are filming! You know you are going to send this S**@
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On the Radar: Dietary symbol changes today!

On the Radar: Dietary symbol, Garrido sentencing, civil unions – This Just In - Blogs

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burger King in Yadkinville OPEN 24 hours! I hate to be so happy about this BUT this is the best thing to happen in this GOD forsaken shit-hole! Thanks BK!

Facebook is just daycare for grown-ups.

Sick Facebook Status Messages! I better get to sleep. I have to get up early to call in sick to work..

I Am Number FourNo Strings AttachedThe Green Hornet

Humorous Facebook status messages! I didn't watch the royal wedding but I had a disturbing dream that Queen Elizabeth and Queen Latifah did a "chest bump" during the nuptuals!

True Blood: The Complete Third Season

Facebook Status Messages to Copy and Paste! Today I saw two of my Facebook friends join a group called "I hold my boobs when I run down the stairs".

Born This Way (Special Edition)

Can “Sensa” Really Help You Lose Weight? 9.95 FREE trail? SCAM! SCAM SCAM! DONT BE STUPID!

Sensa claims that if you sprinkle their salt  Crystals on your food, you will end up eating less – and therefore lose a bunch of weight. I feel victim to this and I'm here to tell you! There is NO magical fairy dust to make one lose weight.

This company will steal 89.95 from you after the thirty days for something they marketed as a 9.95 free trail- You pay shipping only. Yeah right! Check your credit card statement! Lies and garbage! DONT buy into it!