Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you think Gay Marriage Bill passing in New York is going to benefit the Billionaires of the Insurance Industry more than the couples themselves?

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Live your life for what it was meant!

Feel, love, and stop looking at what everyone else HAS to evaluate yourself- We were NOT created to be retail slaves. Just saying. Peace!

Cher and MOM Georgia Holt needs to GET this footage on the big screen so we ALL can hear it!

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Cityville secrets cheats tips and ADVICE!

Dear Indian Programmers in Cityville - A word of advice, if I am deleting a 50 coin tree from my city, WHY do I have to CLICK those STUPID pop-ups for every one I delete? Cityville is already a pain in the ASS to play so why make it more difficult than what it needs to be.

Here's an idea! Only have pop-ups that confirms the DELETE ONE time! Wow that wasn't rocket science was it? In case you didn't understand, I will put it like this. ARE YOU SURE WANT TO DELETE TREES? It only ask me ONE time, until I switch to something else I need to delete.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funny Facebook Status Messages, If you need help in a hurry at Best Buy... just begin shoving a CD in your pants.

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What would you do with a Billion Dollars?

Planned Parenthood stops seeing Medicaid patients

Planned Parenthood stops seeing Medicaid patients - Yahoo! News

Quote- Nicole Robbins, a 31-year-old single mother who has been a Planned Parenthood client for six years, said she had intended to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indianapolis on Tuesday to pick up a 2-month supply of birth control pills. Then, the Medicaid recipient learned that the more than $100,000 in private donations the group had raised since May 10 had dried up.

Well it's a sad day when the young and able of this country have soured the system that was designed to take care of people that actually cannot take care of themselves, NOW they've ruined it for ALL of them.

Nicole Robbins I will NOT be crying you a river because you were not able to get your FREE 2 month supply of "Now I can screw my brains out pill" At OUR expense- Yeah OUR, YA know the working people of this country? Does that ring a bell?

Monday, June 20, 2011