Friday, July 29, 2011

So, Im starting my diet today! Wish me luck!

In a world full of weight aware people, this just has to be crazy! This shit will kill you! Forreal!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Confessions of SUPERDAD- My nice white cotton work socks---NOW SMURF BLUE- and yes Im wearing them-

Kathy Griffin loves the SOUTH!

Kathy Griffin? Sexy Cougar?

Funny things to post on Facebook! says Never Ever Ever Play leap Frog with A Unicorn

Funny things to post about Teenagers on Facebook - Our parents would tell us when they were young they had to walk to school uphill both ways! Nowadays I tell my kids when I was young I used to play outside!

Things to post on Twitter about Chuck Norris - Chuck Norris once flushed a condom.. later the ninja turtles were born.

Funny things to post about Facebook Stalking - Some call it stalking. I call it love.

Funny things to post about Elton John on Facebook! Elton John adopting a newborn at 68??? Really? I mean, shouldn't he be picking out coffins instead of cradles?

Things to post as Facebook Status - Eight year old's today have Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, iPods. When I was there age, I had a dad who beat the hell out of me.

Funny Facebook Status Messages - So, your kid made the the Dean's List huh? Well I say her real parents would be proud because you're both morons so she clearly must be adopted.

Bucky Covington Accused of Theft.

Bucky Covington Accused of Theft | Taste of Country

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Hey Bucky! It is indeed "A Different World" than what it used to be! What's up with this? Stealing 1500.00 from the club's safe box? Cmon man! I can't imagine IF you did this- WHY? Are you trying to get in the same league as Lindsay Lohan?

Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Zac Brown Band Play Country Thunder

Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Zac Brown Band + More Play Country Thunder in Wisconsin | Taste of Country:

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I imagine this was an event NOT to be missed! Sure wish I could have been there! ROCK ON!

Amy Winehouse and mother Janis hug! Sad

Sensa is a SCAM! Beware!

Try Sensa FREE? Folks I am telling you that NOTHING is FREE- They will ship it to you for the 9.99 THEN a couple months later you will get  recurring charges on your Credit Card for 89.95- AND you will have to jump through HOOPS to get them to remove the charges!

Sensa is a joke and is making alot of people very RICH! SCAM! DO NOT BUY into it-

Social Security to STOP after Aug 2nd.

So, Obama says Social Security may not be paid after 8-2-11 if they don't reach an agreement. I have a better idea. Rather than not paying the people who need that small check every month, let's not pay any politician for the next year and see if that helps them to work a little harder for the US, the little people. Re-post this if you agree.

Marie Osmond, showgirls march in 'protest' of Vegas!

Marie Osmond, showgirls march in 'protest' of Vegas resort fees -

Marie, PLEASE tell me this isn't true? Resort Fees? Are you kidding? Why not protest just how much you and Donnie charge for those tickets! Oh! here's an IDEA- Protest this Government for JOBS!

Where is Casey Anthony?

Justin Beiber announces he is sick and fucking tired! NEEDS a break!

Teen Idol/workaholic Justin Bieber is taking a 30 day VACAY! LOL Teen IDOL yes- Workaholic--Don't think so- I would say media WHORE is a better word! Get back to work soon Justin! Millions of 2 year old's depend on you! Just saying! 

Happy birthday, Selena Gomez! The 'Who Says' hitmaker and former Disney princess turns 19 today.

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Well as much as I hate to say this- HAPPY BDAY SELINA! Perhaps you and Justin can use you"Status" to do some great things in the future!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorry Amy Winehouse fans. Apparently her drugs were more important to her than you were. :-L

To all those who have suffered hard lives, lived thru pain, kept on going and didn't give up, even when giving up would be easier, you ROCK. We should call YOU legends.

A drug overdose is really just a lazy suicide, isn't it? Learn from others mistakes. No amount of a "hard life" is excuse enough to pussy out. I don't mean to offend those who have lost loved ones, but many of us with hard lives choose to live.

Encourage life, discourage suicide, intentional or by drugs. How? We can start by telling the truth about it, it IS just giving up. There's nothing cool about that.

Suzzanne Monk