Friday, August 26, 2011

Melissa Gilbert Files For Divorce! My childhood crush is now available!

Melissa Gilbert Files For Divorce - Yahoo! News: Sad to hear this! I thought this Hollywood marriage would be one that would last! Guess not! Melissa? Want to grab a coffee?

It seems that Facebook messed up my Birthday wish for BARB a week ago! I should have known better than to post anything Important on Facebook!

Happy Birthday to Barb! How old are you? 

Surfers along the NC coast!

New York September 21, 1938. Forecasters warning that New York could get slammed!

South Carolina told not to evacuate? Seriously?

Are they stupid? 

Best Tweet of the Day!

North Carolina under a State of Emergency! Get your Beer! Quick!

Justin and Selina calling it quits? Latest bullshit out of Hollywood?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene so far so good!

Hoping for the best for all those inculding myself when Irene approaches tomorrow. It has already started storming here! 2 hour inland.

Michelle Bachmann just wished everyone a Happy Halloween on Twitter

Miley Cyrus Preggers?

Billy Ray’s son, Trace (from the band Metro Station), and his girlfriend, actress Brenda Song (best known from the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack And Cody), announced they’re expecting their first child together. 

Whew! I though it was Miley:) My bad! 

North Carolina's Booze it and lost it campaign causing folks to do some strange things!

WILKESBORO, N.C. -- Police in Wilkesboro said a man who got drunk at the Sagebrush restaurant on Thursday evening caused $600 in damage to a vehicle that he spent the night in at the Red Carpet Inn.

Police said the vehicle's owner woke up Friday morning and found the man naked as he was getting out of the vehicle.

When the owner looked inside his vehicle, he saw that the man had thrown up and defecated on the back seat, police said. The vehicle owner originally wanted to press charges, but changed his mind when the man apologized, cleaned the vehicle and paid to have the seat steam-cleaned, police said.

Read more: WXII

Im thinking right now what would I do If I found a drunk naked ass in my backseat asleep lying in a pile of drunk shit! What a good sport the car owner was in all this! The good thing about this story! At least he didn't try and drive home! Right?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Leake family probally one of the smartest families in America!

Granola Cereal Bars - How one family broke its junk food addiction on Shine: "The Leake family are on a real food crusade."

Steve Jobs tells Apple to Fuck off!

Well not really, But Im happy for him! I would have left years ago right after I deposited  my first billion dollars! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Funny Facebook Status! Holy crap! I just realized that I'm still "it" from a game of tag in 1979.

Donald Trump President? The only reason I would want to see Donald Trump elected as president is so we could see what his hair does when he gets off of that big helicopter...

Create your own banner at!

In a perfect world we would.....

Funny Facebook Status! I think all Fortune Cookies Should Say: You are about to take a dump in 10 minutes.

Funny Facebook Status Messages - is relaxing with some porn and a bag of cheetos

The latest on Michele Bachmann. "Yes I remember 2011 like it was yesterday"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Truth about marriage.

Rick Perry swears that Michele Bachmann is Mother Mary incarnate!

Rick Perry Knocks Evolution Again: 'God Is How We Got Here'

Michele Bachmann revels that she is possessed by Satan! Breaking News!

Tea Party Darling Michele Bachmann! If elected I will turn this 2 dollar bill into gas!

Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

Michele Bachmann says if elected I know I can turn water into wine!

Deep Fried Cheeseburgers? New reality show? Who wants a Heart Transplant?

Bored as hell facbook pic to post

I just killed that large ass mushroom that was in the yard..A big ass mushroom. Bored as hell...