Saturday, September 17, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet! Typical Americans, what is supposed to be a rally turns into posing for pics for Facebook!

Naked cowgirl to lead protest on wallstreet

Paul McCartney, Nancy Shevell post notice of intent to marry! WOW! This sure is Breaking News! Roll out the Red Carpet!

Honey did you glue on the Hairpiece? Im a little nervous right now.

Michelle Bachmann on Twitter? I mean why do we have a world hunger problem? I mean what are they doing with all those crops harvested from Farmville?

Michele Bachmann Defends Controversial HPV Vaccine Remarks! Why are you all so PISSED? I was just wishing the BABY JESUS a Happy Birthday! It's Christmas!

Michele Bachmann Defends Controversial HPV Vaccine Remarks:

Wall Street "Day of Rage" Guess the RICH are getting more pissed off that the money from US has stopped lining the wallets!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mcdonlads French Fry's! Made in China!

Well not really, But can you just imagine what's in a LARGE order? I'm telling ya! We are all going to DIE!

Mcdonlads ICED TEA is NOT your Granny's Iced Tea!


Dr. Oz and the "Blackwidow" Apple Juice! I am so sure they got the idea from Blanche Taylor Moore!

Don't Drink the Apple Juice! It's poison! They are going to KILL us! Whomever "They" is! Time to stop buying this shit! Your $$ will demand better! Hit'em where it hurts!

107.5 Murphy in the MORNING. This has to be one of the stupidest morning shows

I have ever heard. Jack Murphys hayday is over. That voice is soo annoying.

Funny Facebook Status Messages - The sad truth people, that cuddly panda would beat the shit out of you then kick your head off like a football. Just sayin...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebrity Quotes, ‎" I do not believe plastic surgery makes you look younger. I feel it makes you look weirder."~ Kirstie Alley

Funny Things found on Twitter, Why pay the hospital to circumcise your child when you can borrow your uncle's deli slicer for FREE?

Funny Facebook Status Messages - "If Osama Bin Laden had had a student loan we would have caught him on 9/12." - Jeff Kreisler

Halloween is right around the corner, superdad cannot wait.

Farmville releases the cove, FOR 55 Farmville cash, who are they kidding? The world is falling apart around us. We are keeping our money Farmville.

The adventures of farmer Barb, putting the class back in bitchflakes. Tea bag princess?

Torri Spelling says she is afraid of screwing up her kids....Im thinking Torri they are already screwed. No need to worry, those millions will help.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The adventures of farmer Barb

Sex on the farm? Newest addition?

Newest Farmville Feature! Kill your neighbors!

Farmville's newest addition! Cursing avatars! Demand what the hell you want!

Famville Addiction 101, You might be addicted to Farmville if you search Walmart up and down looking for a real outft like your avatar on FV..

Farmville Addiction 101, You know you are obsessed with Farmville, When you see real crops and think to yourself, My shit looks better than that.

Farmville Addiction 101, You know you are obsessed with Farmville, when your slip into a depends before logging on!

Andy Whitfield dies of lymphoma at 39 years old! Such a loss! Condolences to Family!

Farmville Addiction 101, You know you are obsessed with farmville, when your stomach is growling and you say, "Shut-up! I need to harvest!"

Status King! Dont you just love it when they throw away thousands of dollars worth of food on Hell's Kitchen while your eating Ramen Noodles?

Stupid Status! Admit It, At least once in your Life, You Have Tried To Squeeze your eyes Shut and Shoot Lasers Out of them With Intense Concentration.

Bad Company! Great sounds of the 80's! Selling on Amazon for 5 bucks! Rock Steady!

Bad Company

Funny Facebook Status Messages! Thumbnail pics. Helping ugly people look hot until you click on them since 1995.

Texting Codes! FOR Seniors!

ATD = At The Doctors ...
BFF = Best Friend Fell ...
BTW = Bring the Wheelchair ...
BYOT = Bring Your Own Teeth ...
FWIW = Forgot Where I Was ...
GGPBL = Gotta Go Pacemaker Battery Low ...
IMHO = Is My Hearing-Aid On ...
LMDO = Laughing My Dentures Out ...
OMMR = On My Massage Recliner ...
OMSG = Oh My! Sorry, ... Gas ...
ROFLACGU = Rolling On Floor Laughing And Can't Get Up.....LMAO

9 12 Thought of the Day! Kids today can sit for DAYS playing computer games, shoot and kill with the preciseness of an Army Sniper, but can get up and get ready for school?

It's a big world out there! Better learn some life skills!