Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fuck You Money! Where is it?

Sitting here at my desk trying to figure out some witty facebook status messages so I can update this site and make you all laugh, I find my thoughts and the current tone that is set throughtout the United States getting drawn to an interview I heard Allsion Argam, who starred as "Nellie" on Little House. It involved Holloywood and "Fuck You" money - MEANING that there are those in Hollywood that have a big pile of money sitting around which enables them to basically say "Fuck You" and do what they want! Even while most Americans struggle, the "FUCK YOU MONEY" people seem to live life as usual.

OK, I'm thinking on a smaller scale THAT where I came from "FUCK YOU" money was known as "Rainy Day" Money. let's run with this! How many of you had Granprents that preached, Save what you can for a "RAINY DAY"? Now I'm nervously biting my lower lip because I think people that the "Rainy Day" has come, I along with the rest of you are probally wondering now Oh Shit! Where is my "FUCK YOU" money? Let me break it down for ya!

You see WE spent our "Fuck You" money in the Drive Thur at Mcdonalds on those 5.00 frappes and dollar cheesebugers!, sometimes 2 per day. I cannot tell you in writing how much of MY "FUCK YOU" money Best Buy has! WOW. And that big Tobacco giant RJ Reyonalds! I can say, has at least (from my calculations) thirty grand of my "FUCK YOU" money! Assholes!

And lets not talk about the Cable Provider and all the preimium channels we can't live without, OR that newest 4G network that is now sucking even more of your "FUCK YOU" money! Lets talk about the housing market shall we? Five to six years ago I speciffically rememebr often thinking, just how in the hell do these people afford the big houses that seem to be so out of reach for me?

You see all that "FUCK YOU" money they had- is now GONE and so is the BIG HOUSE they THOUGHT they needed, Oh WAIT it gets better! The BANKS then piss away all of your "FUCK YOU" money THEN Washington GIVES them MORE of YOUR 'FUCK YOU' money. So in the end- YOU GAVE them your "FUCK YOU" money- then they STOLE your "FUCK YOU" money and now your FUCKED. Whow FUCKED who here? I know your laughing now. But it gets better.

Now it seems that Social Media is creeping up on us with thier greedy ass hands out BEGGING for what little "FUCK YOU" money YOU have left. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is worth 27 BILLION "FUCK YOU" DOLLARS and one in six Americans live in poverty? Why is this you ask? Becuase WE gave Mark 27 billion dollars of OUR "FUCK YOU" money! Funny don't ya think? All them clicks! "FUCK YOU" dollars in the bank for Mark! What Genius!

I could go on and on about it, but is seems that most people aren't even aware of it until all the "FUCK YOU" money is gone, then they start begging and often stealing someone elses "FUCK YOU" money. From the biggest mega media companys in Hollywood, and straight down to the CHURCH HOUSE- They ALL want YOUR "FUCK YOU" money!

So the next time you decide to just give away your "FUCK YOU" money, think about this! What if you can look at the "FUCK YOU" THIEVES wanting you to drop some of your "FUCK YOU" money - AND say "Naww "FUCK YOU" how much better your life would be? Developing this kind of thinking is the ONLY way to set things straight!

When and if- YOU decide that you have enough stuff sitting around, think about all the "FUCK YOU" money you have thrown away! But please don't be dismayed! The past is the past- You can start today a new life! One of freedom and Peace! Its starts with two words! Use them the next time your in Walmart!

Can anyone guess what the two words are?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Michele Bachmann Defends her comments!

Michele Bachmann Defends HPV Vaccine Comments, Goes After Rick Perry:

Am I the only that thinks Netflix on demand movies suck Donkey Balls? Work in that Netflix!

Lady Gaga dumps champagne on disabled fans and NY game?

Not quite sure why the overexposed star decided to purposely spill her champagne, but we are hearing reports that some of it splashed over the ledge and into a section reserved for handicapped and disabled fans. 

Nope dont beleive it for one minute- People will say anything, Gaga would never something as stupid as this.

Interesting Facebook Status Messages! So while you are so busy ignoring the needs of your other- Someone else is taking care of it for you- Enjoy!

Falling Space Satellite to hit the Earths atmosphere on Friday! Sara Palin and Michelle Bachmann are camped out in the backyard! Sara say's she can she can shoot it down, Michele say's she is going to pray it away! Well see

Falling Satellites & Space Junk: Q&A with Orbital Debris Expert Ray Williamson - Yahoo! News: