Saturday, November 12, 2011

Funny Facebook Post! For Christmas I want an Karaoke Machine with AUTO TUNE so I can be as famous as Keisha.

The people of Facebook! Hello my name is STD.

Funny Facebook Post! For the record- OMG Breaking NEWS! Paula Abdul's lazy eye just arrested in LA for drunk driving!

Funny Facebook Status post! I love giving thumbs down to artist on Pandora! Makes me feel LIKE Simon Cowell

Sinead O'Connor Performs 'Nothing Compares two you, She still has it! Awesome! Get it girl!

Kris Humphries hire divorce lawyer! I dont blame him! I'd sue the pig as well! FOR as much as I could GET!

Kris Humphries Lawyers Up For Divorce |

The people of Facebook! Seems everyone is....

The people of Facebook! HELLO this is your future!

The people of Facebook! Hello my name is fuckpig

The people of Facebook! HEY Douchebag! Stop being a slut and clean your house! VOMIT!

Where is Sara Palin? Haven't heard from her in awhile?

Iggy Pop Shirtless Aging, Sometimes you just have to say, PUT a shirt on fool-

Want to live forever? CLICK HERE to read the story! The fountain of youth discovered. And I thought it was bud lite.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Want to put a fly on your Facebook page? CLICK HERE! and share! Its awesome and will drive your friends crazy!

Madonna's Leaked song? Where is the link? After much research I found the leaked song! CLICK THIS LINK! IF This is the leaked song, I must say THIS sounds like complete SHIT- Madonna? Sounds like the GOGO girls Belinda Carlisle!

Michele Bachmann wishes Mcdonalds a Happy Birthday! Get your Happy Meal on!

Michele Bachmann Income Tax Plan: Everyone Should Pay Two Happy Meals' Worth (VIDEO):

What planet does this "thing" live on! TWO happy meals worth? Hell I dont know anyone that has enough money to buy two happy meals! If this is what is leading this country- HELP US PLEASE! Somebody! Anybody!

Facebook "Like" status button- In an effort to keep it real, there is something that needs to be said...

Folks, if you are scrolling thorough all the status updates and you run across a post that reads, MY HUSBAND fell over DEAD with heart failure- OR-OMG I just dropped my baby on its head and we are in the intensive care! PLEASE pray for us!

BE ADVISED- Why in the name of KIM Kardashian (Slut) would you LIKE a status like that? Seriously friends- DO get caught misusing the like button on FACEBOOK! They have an app now that will cut your hand off! BE WARNED!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mariah Carey dramatic weight loss! Serious?

Photo leaked of Justin Biebers baby! Breaking news! You heard it here first!

Proud Pappa! Go ahead Justin CLAIM your baby! Baby, Baby, Baby Oh lalal!

Whats really going on? SUPERDADSPEAKS- THE BLOG ABOUT EVERYTHING- Thought for the day!

Looking back over this year I am in awe- 2011 has been a year of change no one can deny that! We have had country's toppled, dictators murdered in the streets, dead celebrity's, child killer trials that made us say WTF. We have poked fun at the stupid and the outrageous, trashed celebrity's and had some laughs, and some tears.

The real truth behind all this is that in times of turmoil, despair, victory's, and defeat we can still laugh! The only other option is to give up and cry about all the crap- and we want do that! Not happening! I have been blogging for almost three whole years now and it has indeed been the best thing I could have ever done! Writing it all down makes one think about what TRUTH really lies in reality, which is sometimes hard to see- 

The reality is that we are in a time of transition- everything is changing and moving faster than any other time in history- OLD values that we thought were correct not longer seem applicable. Darker more sinister things that were once hidden are now common place knowledge. We are evolving as a people and the pains of that are evident every day when you flip on your favorite news channel.

What a wild ride this has been for ALL of us. Doesn't matter if you find your home under a bridge OR in the biggest mansion that money can buy- WE have all been affected in some way. Millions have lost homes as well as a lifetime of savings. We all woke up to new world and it took us all by surprise. Some have learned valuable lessons, and for others it was too late- 

Embrace the change that is upon us- take care of yourself and those around you- these changes will not be easy. Love who you are- and REALIZE that the universe DID not make a mistake when you were created- We are all stronger than what we realize- Keep that in mind and let all the stuff that weighs you down GO- Today you have a choice to start afresh- 

What happened yesterday- three years ago does not matter! Move past it and enjoy the life that you were meant to have , make the changes you ALREADY know you need to make! Nobody said it would be easy- its not! I know. Just my thoughts for the day! Enjoy! 

I'm looking forward to another year of laughs and TRUTH here at Superdadspeaks! 

Lady Gaga with Cher "The Greatest Thing" has said to have been leaked? I wonder if this can be true? I hear Gaga singing, but no Cher, How much longer are we going to have to wait for this?

Joe Walsh Meltdown: Screams At Constituents, 'Don't Blame Banks' CLICK this link!

What a crock of complete BS- I hear there are some "I can't pay my child support" rumors out there? This video SHOWS just how out of touch OUR reps are to the needs of the people! Don't blame the banks he roars! Just say NO!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EAS test tomorrow at 2pm. Whats really going on? Why now? Does this have something to do with the occupy movement?

I'm kind of excited about the nationwide EAS test tomorrow at 2pm. It's comforting to know that Big Brother has the ability to take over every radio and tv station in the country any time they choose. When marshal law is declared, this technology will be used to help transport of all of us third-party conspiracy theorists off to the FEMA internment camps which are strategically located all over our country.

My trip to the park ends in murder! Well not really, But at least I got some cool pics! What a peaceful place!

Dying animals in Farmville?

The Devil Calf in Farmville!

Funny Farmville pics to post on Facebook!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan does three hour tour of the jail as probation sentence. Kim Kardashian pissed shes out of spotlight..again

Class Action Lawsuit involving Collection Company of America, CCA, Collecto, Inc., EOS CCA.

If there is anyone out there that has been harmed by any of these company's and the illegal stuff that they do all in the name of DEBT collecting! PLEASE EMAIL ME! If you know a lawyer that would be interested in a class action lawsuit PLEASE forward my contact info!

Bank For Only Those With $50 Million Draws Protests! A slow walk to hell- This will become the norm- A country of Millionaires and then us pheasants fighting for a piece of bread to eat!

Bank For Only Those With $50 Million Draws Protests « CBS Chicago: SOUND THE ALARM! Time for action.

Rats at Mcdonalds? Never a good sign when you see rat traps outside Mcdonalds drive thur..I shall pass on my double cheeseburger.