Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pell grant cut- TRUTH does hurt.

Thousands to potentially see Pell grant cut - Yahoo! News:

I am truly amazed that WASHINGTON aka IDIOTS are cutting benefits from the Pell Grant Program. How much longer can we as Americans sit back and watch these people run this country into the ground? I have been a recipient of the PG and I will say that it is one of the best programs EVER.

My question to Washington is this? Why was corporate America not told they would have to trim the fat in order to survive? CEO's making BILLIONS of dollars and OUR Government BAILED THEM OUT, while they continued to make billions and laughed in the face of American workers? BANKS where bailed out when they should have been charged with Federal Crimes? Wall Street BAILED out when they ALL should be charged with crimes as well.

Makes no sense to me or anyone else with any common sense. Cutting this program is a slap in the face of the so called "American Dream" that is no longer.

There will soon be two classes of people in the US- The super rich- and Washington. Everyone else can just go to work at bullshit jobs everyday and eat peanut butter sandwiches at night.

One day WE THE PEOPLE will come knocking on WASHINGTON'S door asking for OUR MONEY you people have STOLE from us.

Yeah I said it.
Your Congress!

Friday, December 16, 2011

UFO tracker app for the droid. I love this app although it dosent give pics or any video, the stories are great. Sightings coming in from all over the world. Better than any book on kindle.

Check out "UFO Report Tracker"
You have to click the story to read the entire encounter. Just a tip.

Walking Dead, Superdad style.

Well last night I dreamed I was in an episode of the walking dead. The cool part was when I fashioned a weapon with a crowbar and duct tape covered with a black glove tapped securely to my arm and hand.

And to the little guy that laughed at me for making it, you weren't laughing when I saved your ass from getting your brains ate in the grain warehouse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Special Christmas wish that we all can help with!

Please help make this little boys Christmas wish come true!!
Ethan is in the 6th grade and currently at Baptist Hospital battling Leukemia. He was finally moved from the ICU to his own room and his ONLY Christmas wish is to get enough Christmas cards to fill his whole wall in his room. I know you want to send one too and please tell as many people as you can :) I have been told that Ethan isn't at the hospital anymore BUT you still can send cards to these kids at Brenner Children Hospital.

My son Dustin was in this hospital for months and even though it has been 21 years ago, the kids there need to know they are loved! For less than a couple bucks you can send a child a card! Address it to:

Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

Thanks and REPOST! We can do this! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thought of the day, I have learned that no matter what befalls you whether good or bad, Life does and will go on.

50 Cent to check out Lindsay Lohans Coochie, I wonder if it snorts? Probably has nostrils!

Hey! You dont have to wait for the issue to come out just offer a line!

Funny Facebook Post! The Indian Court System is 466 years behind schedule!

Biggest Loser breaks record! An estimated 130 million PIZZA'S sold last night during the Finale!

Screw the skinny bitches! MEAT!

Badoo: Website Like Facebook but has 130 million people looking to get Gonorrhea.

Badoo: Website 'Like Facebook But For Sex' Hits 130 Million Users:

130 million people looking for SEX! WOW makes you wonder about all those marriages. Wounder what would happen if 130 people decided to actually get a JOB? WOW!

Anger Management Class anyone?

Faribah Maradiaga Stabs Classmate, Luna Oraivej, In Anger Management Class: Lawsuit:

Stabbed her in the neck over a Dr. Phil conversation? Serious? I'm sure they were fighting whether Phil is really a doctor or not.

Texting and Driving BAN? There are stupid laws, THIS is not one of them- Pass it now! Long time coming.