Sunday, January 1, 2012

Powerball tickets doubling to $2. Here is TRUTH 10 Reasons you should BOYCOTT the POWERBALL!

TRUTH not Bullshit- Number one- Americans are broke, Number two- Big corps are KILLING us with GREED! Verizon, Netflix, Bank of America etc...

Number three- With unemployment and desperation often comes false hope of hitting it big for most, which more often than not sinks them even lower into desperation.

Number Four- THE only people who will benefit from this pice hike in lottery tickets are the STATES and of course their buddys, contractors, ticket printers, officials, etc...

Number Five- I will NOT be buying anymore Powerball Tickets, and I hope that YOU don't either.

Number Six-  Lottery officals are saying that the PRICE hike to two bucks will entice MORE people to play, and the ODDS will be better? This makes no sense AKA complete BULLSHIT.

Number Seven- Boycott your States powerball and then GUESS WHAT- They will be the ones in the UNemployment LINE! Not you.

Number Eight- Casinos are PROHIBITED in most STATES by their own laws, YET the STATE can have lotterys and  rasie the price of a ticket? Imagine the casions rasing prices on the machines! Penny Machine are now nickel machines? Do they think we are stupid just because we dont have JOBS and most have been forclosed on?

Number nine- BOYCOTT the entire lottery- PICK 3, PICK 4, etc...All of them- and then hitem where is really hurts NO MORE SCRATCH OFF tickets! That will killem!

Number ten....Last but not least! They can all SUCK IT-

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