Friday, September 14, 2012

So you dont like the children Texting so much? Think on this!

Hears an idea: A study from Harvard suggest that 95% of preteens and teenagers READ EVERY single text message that someone sends them less than 2 minutes after it is sent! 80 percent where shown to SAVE these messages and then read them OVER again an estimate 200 times before eventually deleting the messages!

ON the flip side they only retain 40 percent of information when having a conversation with them, and after a month only 2 percent could even remember the conversation. As far as Facebook post and comments the numbers are almost at a 100 percent for teenagers!

As parents we must acknowledge and embrace this preferred means of communication for our children and use it to get 'involved" in their lives! Imagine OUR children reading EVERY single post 200 plus times! Imagine that impact!

Make a difference! Text your children! They are waiting and listening!

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