Thursday, February 2, 2012

The number one reason to NOT buy Facebook stock! Thousands of people are leaving Facebook everyday due to privacy concerns and selling info- Dont be a fool!

So many celebs on Twitter BUT WHY do they have millions of followers yet they only follow like 2 people? Think about it.

Happy Groundhog Day 2012!

A day when a rodent crawls out of a hole and promises us six more weeks of winter. Not to be confused with Election Day, when a rodent gets elected and promises us 4 more years of crap. Thanks Suzanne! Lets share some bacon!

This has to be one the smartest ladies I know, and funny to boot! I think public office may be in her future! Mayor of Chicago maybe?

Madonna's Superbowl performance! What will she do? People close to her tell us that..

She is nervous about it! Well I would be nervous as Hell too Madonna, Dang it's not every day you get to eat Roise O'Donnell's tuna pie in front of millions!

Oprah will spend her birthday on Sunday writing checks for 5 billion each to every American Citizen! Happy Birthday O 58? I dont think so.

A bit of comedy!

Adele's Tweets that she will preform at Grammy's! Voice all healed! Congrats Adele, and I hope you have your Grammy speeches written!

Adele's well and Grammy bound, singer tweets -

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Bad BOTOX! I would just like to ask WHY?

Bad Botox? Looks like she got stung by a very large BEE!

Well I watched Celebrity Wife Swap last night and I sat there the entire time wondering what planet these people live on? AND what was the price tag on all the Plastic Surgery!

Funny Valentines Day Status! Copy and Paste! If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put you between F and CK. Happy Valentines Day!

Farmville Cityville programmers advised. This is why people are leaving these games in droves. Why should I have to sit and delete each item in my giftbox one by one? Where is the delete ALL button. Idiots.

Wedding reception and Mcdonalds? Are you fkn kidding me..oh GOD. Even if you did some shit like this, who would post pictures of it on facebook? Who raised these people? I swear the world is about to end.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Superdadspeaks 2012

January is GONE! Can you believe it?

Just think it's only 11 more months till Christmas! Time seems to be moving so fast here at Superdadspeaks, lots of cool things going on, I won the pick four lotto (again) and investing in some more real-estate is always a fun thing once you finally get to closing!

Kids are great, Job is cool and the Superdadspeaks is doing great thanks to loyal followers who keep coming back here to read all this shit I post. Its great! Being a blogger, full-time single father, and being sexy as hell is NOT an easy accomplishment!

Not traveling as much as I did last year due to the fact that I am totally obsessed with getting RICH, yeah I said it, RICH, so we will see how that goes. Keep the laughs coming and remember- When it's all said and done. No REGRETS! No room for em! Take Care!