Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patty's day Status updates! Funny as hell! I'm having a traditional St. Patrick's Day. Lucky Charms for breakfast, then potato skins & I'll beat my wife later. JK! No Lucky Charms. :(

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Church Yard-sale? Serious?

Im driving through town and I see a "Church Yard-sale" meaning the church parking lot looks like a Salvation Army thrift store. Here is what I dont understand. Ins't this buying and selling in the church that made Jesus so angry that he went crazy and tore shit up?

Could it be that most of these INSTITUTION$ are exposing themselves for what the really ARE$$$? Could it be? I mean a yard sale at church?

And I also like to mention that you people have just proven once more why I would rather sit home and play Farmville than attend any of your services, I mean I couldn't afford to make YOUR house payments anyway! Just saying

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Donald Trump’s sons attempt to make their cocks grow BY chopping up Elephants in Africa.

Donald Trump’s sons criticized after brutal hunting photos released | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News:

This is simply about super wealthy with nothing else better to do with their time, I might add there probably is some "little man syndrome" going on here, I mean you shoot an elephant with a high powered rifle and then cut its tail off? Serious? Dude, that it not going to make you a man, or make your Twinkies grow a inch. Try enhancement drugs instead.

And the funny part DOUCHEBAG--where is the blood on the knife?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cher Tweets About Tabloids story that she has had a breakdown!

Cher News: Twitter News Round-up: Cher Tweets About Tabloids, Gym and Cake!:

Hillary Clinton Urges Women Not to Take Any Shit, straight up BITCH! Love it! You go girl!

Hillary Clinton Urges Women Not to Take Any Shit:

Buford, Wyoming, Town With Population 1, Heads To Auction! The Next Vegas?

Buford, Wyoming, Town With Population 1, Heads To Auction:

Could this be the next Vegas? I wonder is gambling legal there? Would be awesome!

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