Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Words with friends? Sorry Cher is not a word.

Are you fucking kidding me? Just wait till she hears about this.

Janet Jackson has a new body! Can you believe it! Awesome! ALL ribs removed and the neck as well! Dang Janet!

The Truth about Ashley Judd face!

Ashley can you please spare us the drama of all this! This is not about women's issues or anything else for that matter. You took your untold MILLIONS and had some "work" done, You then step in front of cameras to show off you new look and now your pissed because critics are asking the hard questions.

Here's a thought! Take your millions and do whatever you like, BUT dont think people are not going to comment or make assumptions when you put yourself out there in an attempt to make MORE millions. Its a hard fact to accept- WE as humans JUDGE by the way someone looks! 

You DO it, I DO it, WE all do it- So stop turning it into something its not! The only way for people NOT to judge you is to get OFF our TV screens! That simple.

Should have took some advice from Cher!

I'd be more worried about that fucked up hair DO that I would be about the puffy (botox overload face)

Funny shit I found on Facebook

Funny Facebook updates. This sounds like something my granny would have said if Facebook had been around.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pissed OFF on MONDAYS! Superdad SPEAKS

It is amazing to me how young adults are lazy as shit these days. I am not speaking for ALL of them, but in my own life I find myself SHOCKED daily at the madness these young people live in. The people they take for granted, ALWAYS expecting someone to cater to every need and want they have! Not even caring from one day to the next if they have a sustainable JOB!

Always expecting that the FOOD in the refrigerator was put there just for them! AND don't let me get started about the dishes I just had to wash! 16 plates? Really? How can two people eat out of 16 plates over a two day period? How is that possible? Did they use a new plate for every potato chip that was eaten? That's confusing to me as most of the bag was on the floor!

Toothpaste all over the sink! Amazing! How hard would it have been to TURN the WATER ON? ya know that stuff that you think is FREE coming out of the faucet? Yeah it would have been that easy!

Another thing Id like to mention on this Monday. I was going to invest in an alarm system, but I figure that is pointless as the people that live in my house "Rent FREE" 21 and 22 think that leaving doors wide open is a way of saving on the heat bill! Especially when its 30 degrees outside! YEY!

What a day it has been! Worked 42.75 hours all weekend and left my trusted estate in the care of my responsible young ADULT children! Lessons learned! 

There will a protest shortly! Just sayin.