Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North Carolina Marriage Amendment. How stupid are the voters? Hiding behind the Gay people. The damn vote isnt even about Gay marriage! Idiots!

At this point, I am so sick an tired of seeing people post about " the bible says marriage is for a man and woman." Narrow minded people are the only ones who honestly think this vote is going to abolish the right of gays to marry... HELLO.... Gay marriage is illegal and come May 9th, no matter the vote, it us still going to be illegal. This amendment runs so much deeper than that and some people are just too freaking ignorant to see it. Good night all, I will see y'all on the 9th when half the world us on Medicaid, unmarried women are legally abused and children are mistreated because their parents aren't married.

Funny Evil Tweets! Saying YOU'RE WELCOME really loudly when people dont thank you.

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