Thursday, May 17, 2012

Funny Facebook Post! is recommended by 4 out of 5 ex-girlfriends.

Funny Status updates! Picked up a hitchhiker today... Dragged him for 2 miles before the fucker finally fell off my car.atus updates!

Broke Keurig! Three years OLD! 129.00 LOST!

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Verizon to drop unlimited plans EVEN grandfathered

Verizon to drop unlimited plans for existing customers | – Greensboro, High-Point, Winston-Salem News & weather from WGHP Television FOX8:

As if they RIP off customers anyway with the high bills, hidden fees, hidden charges now they are getting rid of the unlimited data plan! Imagine that! 20 billion in profits and they want more! Folks! there are more cell phone company's out there! Demand better!

My Keurig BROKE after 3 years! I paid 129 dollars for this three years ago and now it has broken! Wonder if it was made in China? I WANT another one Keurig! FREE!