Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shirley Phelps on Twitter, can someone please hack that hags Twitter account already?

Westboro bailed on protesting Whitney's Funeral for one reason and one reason only- One of them would have got an ass beating!

Black folk dont play Shirley, Im sure you were scared one of them would have beat the shit out of you.

How to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

North Carolina Sunshine!

Funny Farmville Pics! There is TRUTH in pictures!

Farmville Jade Falls! In an effort to keep Americans FAT LAZY and sitting for days in front of a computer screen harvesting FAKE crops and spending real $$ to level up, they have now released Jade Falls!

Now its 4 games on one! Way to go America! Keeping clicking!

Direct from India! Americans! We take all your jobs!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cher is old and made of plastic you say? I have one thought for everyone who is hating on her- She looks HOT for 66 years OLD, and she could buy your ass 20 times over.

Fathers Day Gifts! Only the best will do for us dads! To everyone seeking something special to buy your really cool father. Seek no further. G Shock!

To my children- Take notice!
Orange one is really cool!
And yes I want ALL three! 

Beating Stepson Anthony Sanchez! beating the shit out of his child for NOT catching a ball?! Terry Grammar defending that piece of shit on NBC.catching a ball?

Mouthing off! Hell I would have mouthed off to that bastard as well! Take the KID!

Michigan Indiana meltdown? Here is Truth about whats going on! I think O has something to do with this event. Sorry doomsday cults.

Its not a nuclear event people- Its not the Apocalypse either. It was a simple mishap on the part of Oprah Winfrey. She broke down and ate some pinto beans and cornbread. Then she started farting and the aftershocks felt from Chicago, Michigan, and right down thur Indiana. Sorry folks, maybe next time.
Oh my ! I think I just SHARTED in my panties.