Friday, June 29, 2012

Adele pregnant? Just heard this.. Wonder if it's mine?

Katie Holmes is leaving Tom Cruise? Who didn't see this coming? She will need therapy after all those years in the cult.

July 4th Status messages! When's it gonna be the 4th of July? I feel like blowin somethin' up and not gettin' arrested.

July 4th Facebook Status updates! Enjoying the fourth of july, the most american holiday of them all. And what do we do as americans? we drink beer owned by Belgians. (Bud) beer by south Africans, (miller) we eat polish sausages, and shoot fireworks from the Chinese.

Chers bedroom- Go inside.

How to stay safe in the Heat Wave!

Record Breaking Heat Wave in North Carolina!

Man are we living in some exciting times! Since 1959 have we not seen these type of temperatures in this area! People tend to BITCH, MOAN and COMPLAIN about such, I welcome it!

As my grandmother used to tell me as a kid when I'd complain about the heat! GO get the water-hose and enjoy what you GET! Which is exactly what I will be doing tomorrow! PICS to follow! Enjoy the heat!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The STUPIDEST and most hated Twitter account in the world! Westboro Baptist Church-Shirley Phelps

She really needs something besides her DADDY in her vagina.

Supreme Court ruling on Heath-care...Waiting

Ke$has new Tattoo..I would imagine that hurt like hell. BUT in other news...34 thousand people displaced in the Colorado wildfires

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Will heaven be like this? Hope so!

Ever wonder where the term DICK head came from?

Instagram! Down just like Facebook! Wonder what they are up too?

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Why can't I sign into Facebook? What is really going on here? This is an absolute must read! Time to DELETE Facebook!

What's really, truly going on with Facebook? -

I wonder what would happen if people (by the millions) deleted Facebook ASAP! Im sure they would send out the National Guard to kill us all! What a crock of shit FB has came to! And to think we fell for it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Radio host Jack Murphy FIRED! Assumed, but its about time. Turned a good radio station into street TRASH every morning. Howard Stern wanna be! Now I can listen to 107.5 again! YAY

Radio host Jack Murphy out at WKZL | – Greensboro, High-Point, Winston-Salem News & weather from WGHP Television FOX8:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to make a MAN cake? This is how a real man gets it done in the kitchen! Superdad done it again! Diabetics BE WARNED!

DoubleDown Casino on Facebook

(23) DoubleDown Casino on Facebook:

How should Prince William spend his inheritance? – GIVE IT back to the people his granny stole it from! Shitbags.

How should Prince William spend his inheritance? – The Marquee Blog - Blogs:

Original but funny Tweets! We just walked into sheetz and the woman cooking just gave us the "oh fuck" face!

Beverly Hilton in murder-suicide. Can we bulldoze this place already? To many bad things!

Police: 2 dead at Beverly Hilton in murder-suicide - Yahoo! News:

North Las Vegas declares state of emergency!

North Las Vegas, Nev. Despite its suburban trimmings, this blue-collar, family-oriented city outside Las Vegas is officially a disaster area. After five years of declining property taxes, massive layoffs and questionable spending choices, North Las Vegas city leaders declared a state of emergency earlier this month.


Sandusky on suicide watch? Im a little confused on this one, why would he want to commit sucide? I mean I thought he liked smoking POLES? He should feel happy!

OH! My bad, he only like the little ones...Too bad.

North Carolina Ghost! This is a rather scary pic. Long story short security alert at 2am comes in on my phone. I have no idea what this is on my back porch!

You decide!

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