Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paris Hilton to become General Manager at Chick Fillet after her comments on the "gays"

Paris Hilton apologizes for her comments about gay men - Yahoo! omg!:

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian caught by paparazzi without makeup!

Who says makeup artists and hollywood don't do miracles every day? 

A lucky paparazzi caught Kanye (no-talent attention-seeking beyatch) West and Kim (I also have no talent except for getting attention) Kar-douchian as they were sneaking out of their 1972 dodge van ( which also serves as their real home) before they had a chance to get to the makeup room and fix their appearances for all of us fans:
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Mitt Romney -- is just like you and me. NOT.

I'm sory, but what kind of fool does he think we are?  The 47%... indeed the 99% have as much in common with him as what we flush down the toilet.  Because that's how he sees us...

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Facebook Funny Pics! Why do I keep waking up at the crack of dawn everyday!

Farmville releases Haunted Hollows! AS IF we dont have anything better to do with out time! Only adds another 2 hours to the already 6 hours a day it takes to keep up with that game!

Not really surprised people dont have jobs! There is not time when you have crops to harvest!

Paris Hilton tells how she really feels about "gays" Gay Men Are Disgusting ... Most Probably Have AIDS! Well she should know as she has probably BLOWN a couple thousand of them! What a waste of AIR!

Paris Hilton -- Gay Men Are Disgusting ... Most Probably Have AIDS |

Blogger has changed everything!

I have been Blogging for 5 plus years on Blogger and I sign in the morning only to see a HOT mess! WHY do these folks insist on changing things that WORK! One rule you can always count on! IF if it is not broken, DONT try and fix it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joint U.S. / China Fleets Fend Off UFO Threat off the coast of San Francisco? Ground Zero? Bullshit or Fact? You decide.

Joint U.S. / China Fleets Fend Off UFO Threat? | Strange: "Joint U.S. / China Fleets Fend Off UFO Threat?"

NBC Revolution - What would you do? Pilot was a hit!

On Monday, NBC kicked off the series premier of Revolution to a massive audience -- biggest debut audience for a primetime drama in 3 years.  With a compelling storyline of the sudden loss of all power worldwide, it begs the question "What would I do if that ever happened?" to be asked (I'd run right for the nearest place with a shitload of bottled water and grab it all...).  With solar flares, storms, and nuclear EMP's a real possibility for temporary power loss... but imagine if it never came back on! 

It was interesting to watch if you related it to the life you have now... and what would happen if it changed so dramatically.  How would you adapt?  With all the crazy stuff going on in the world today it makes me wonder if the scenario isn't too far-fetched that something like this could happen!

As for the reason why the power went away?  Guess we'll all have to keep watching - and it's a good hook and reason to do so.  Plus it's filmed right here in WILMINGTON, NC.

The planes dropping out of the skies?  chilling to think about...

(Of course if you wanted to see what it is like to go without power for a while, all you have to do is visit india where power outages happen daily all across that awesome symbol of democracy lol...)

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Chers Hands! Imagine the story's they could tell! 50 plus years in the business!

Hollywood Tits! They are writing books now! Pandemic!

What is Lady Gaga “Fame” Eau de Parfum made of? You heard it here first!

KATE MIDDLETON Titty photos released!

KATE MIDDLETON Topless Photos To Be Published In Italian Magazine? KATE MIDDLETON Topless Photos To Be Published In Italian Magazine? – Latest Hollywood Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News - Anything Hollywood:

Oh shit! I think I uploaded the wrong pic! Sorry Rob!

Lady Gaga fragrance is rumored to be made of Semen and Blood! Its Black in color but sprays clear! Amazing!

Jackson Bad Botox! I would imagine that the entire Jackson Family has spare faces by the dozens locked away! Imagine waking up and saying, Gee I wonder what face I wanna wear today!

Hollywood Celebrity Gossip Prince and Kate offered money by porn company for photos! WOW I guess there is some sibling rivalry going on here! First Prince Harry, now Kate! But Queen Bee is pissed off!

Latest Hollywood Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News - Anything Hollywood:

Women injects cooking oil into face! Talk about bad botox! Why not use maple syrup? Would smell better.

Terri Hatcher bad botox! Swears to GOD that she has never had any work done! Try and fool someone else with that shit!

Bad Botox Priscilla Presley! Why do these women insist on looking like Tigers? Cougars would be better!