Tuesday, December 4, 2012


FLU UPDATE= Im hearing that this flu season is going to be the worst we have ever had! If you are sick- stay home- keep your homes cleaned and disinfected and use a little bit of common sense- Ya know dont cough and sneeze on me in the line at Mcdonalds- I can assure you That I WILL SPRAY YOU= #sanitizer

Strange Weather in North Carolina!

Almost 80 degrees for two days now-With this weather I can totally see myself having opening Christmas Presents OUTSIDE with the grill going- On another note- BIG LOTS 2.00 bag of cereal, you get what you pay for=- VOMIT.

Funny Things to post on Facebook- Twitter is like high school with even worse spelling.

Interesting Tweets! My bed is more comfortable in the morning than it is at night.