Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I learned from my Grandmother!

Things I learned from my Grandmother- Always know who your neighbors are, what time they come and go, when they turn the lights out to go to bed. Even if it means using a pair of binoculars while crouching in the flower garden. #communitywatch

Theres your security! Look at all the money we could have saved! 

Things I learned from my Grandmother

Things I learned from my Grandmother: Nothing in life is instant- want something? Then set your mind to it, save and sacrifice- Its yours. Oh if people still lived by her advice. What a better world wed have! Thanks Grandma!

Chers contest for Twitter Fans

Millions tweeted, but only 6 were chosen! Songstress Diva spent the better half of the week deciding who would be the lucky recipient for a chance to meet the diva, all expenses paid during her video shoot for Woman's World single on the 22nd. From what I could tell there were lots of haters who came out in droves sending tweets about the way winners were chosen.

Folks, she could not choose everybody on Twitter as she has 1.2 million followers- with that said you have to give her credit for doing something so extraordinaire for her fans. I mean can you imagine trying to "choose" between her fans? I wouldn't want that task.

Congrats to the ones chosen and good luck to the ones in the future, as I'm sure she will come up with something when her tour starts! 

"You get what belongs to you"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Naked Yoga!

Some things such as gaping holes, bushes, Barron land, bumps, should never been seen while attempting to contact the stars. Just sayin. Close your mouth. TRUTH

Boeing 787 Dreamliners being renamed to "Boing" 787's due to frequently coming back to Earth

The recent rash of problems with Boeing 787 Dreamliners is shocking?  Um... these planes were built entirely in China, by systems designed by contractors from india.  Why in the hell is anyone surprised they don't fly?  lol. 

The management team responsible for building and designing the Boeing 787 shows their sincere regrets

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