Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Football Bullying? Are you kidding me? Football? Isn't that what the hell it has always been? Seems we have raised a bunch of pusses!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dolly Parton in accident? Air bags deployed. Both of them.

Jokin! Guess those things saved her life! Glad she's ok! 

Funny Tweets! It only takes a few seconds to show someone how you feel about them, The police call it indecent exposure but whatever.


Is Vaping dangerous?


My take on Vaping ( E-CIG) now that I have been doing it for 40 days is that I'm no longer waking up in the morning trying to hack a lung up only to sit down with a strong cup of coffee and start the race to empty another 5.00 pack of smokes throughout the day. 

My clothes, house, car, hair, hands, breath, plants, computers, and even books no longer smell like a rotting corpse layered in road TAR. I no longer have shortness of breath just by walking to the mail box, nor do I break out into a crazy lunatic at the thought of "Oh I'm down to 2 smokes" let me run to the store. I can smell what I'm eating and drinking as well. I can also smell other smokers and think, damn did I used to smell like that?

I no longer have to excuse myself to go outside because my heart is beating a mile a minute from wanting a smoke. With that said there will always be negative to anything positive. Human beings will always have vices whether it be FOOD, DRINK, drug addiction or even smoking.Millions of people are aware of the deadly consequences of chugging fries and double cheeseburgers from MC Fattys but the gov has done nothing to regulate that crap.

There are three ingredients in a vapor smoke- compare that to 7 thousand TOXIC chemicals in ONE cigarette that you can freely buy anywhere in the world. Vaping will not kill ya unless you get the sudden urge to drink the bottle of vapor or sit and suck on it nonstop for days. The tobacco industry and the gov will go against ANYTHING they cannot dip into to get those dollars and Vaping is no different. 

I have had people say to me well what about breathing water into the lungs? Dont you think that's dangerous? My response? Dont you take hot showers? You get more stream into the lungs from just one morning shower than puffing on a thousand e-cigs? Haters will hate as misery loves company- For me- I know what it has done for me and I know the goal I will continue to strive for and I will not go back to smoking cigarettes ever.