Thursday, April 3, 2014

Contracted another dumbass movie on Netflix. FAIL

Yet again Netflix has released yet another FLOP in its movie line up. Contracted.

A lesbian waitress decides she wants to ride a pole one night and  contracts a virus from the guy because he HUMPS dead people in the Morgue. To make matters worse her puss starts dripping blood the next day and her teeth rot out as well as her eyes looked like someone punched the shit out of her over and over again. Really?

This is the entire movie people. Dripping puss and bloody eyes. She kills two people and her mother for no reason other than them asking her WTF is wrong with her eyes. At the end of the movie she starts humping yet another guy and maggots fall out her puss. Instead of killing the bitch right then and there, he runs to bathroom shouting for her to keep away.

What a waste of time! Netflix movies just keep sliding down that dark hole of NOTHING.