Saturday, June 21, 2014

Funny Tweet of the day!

Jeremy Meeks gets endorsements from Jail?

And you guessed it... McDonalds since most of the 90 million that just love his gang bang past eat three meals a day there. The double chinned pig people ya know. Proof positive that people have way to much time to waste. 

Cher has awesome fans!

Chers mom!

Honey Boo Boo called monster on Jimmy Falon! Leave Boo Boo alone

She's big bundle of sassy! #getit 

Vape smoking changing the landscape! 278 days without a cigarette!

Pink shared family photo that proves she's probably one of the few Rock Stars we have that has her head on straight! Awesome.

Funny Tweets...And yes, like the other 1.2 million that seen this..I'm scratching my head still

Funny Tweets.. 

Starbucks coffee prices skyrocketing! Well I would assume so, corp greed! Just another day in America!