Friday, July 3, 2015

Small town life. Facebook Famous

Is awesome hands down. Everybody goes to bed super early, breaks backs to keep with the Joneses, oh that's a southern term for I'm jealous of your shit let me get bigger and better. People here learn to adapt to not only small town living but most important, they adapt very quickly to small town thinking. Social media has an entire generation sitting on smartphones and commenting nonstop to almost everything that's in the newsfeed. No holes barred conversations on everything from politics and wars but also racism, poverty and wealth. 

The biggest thing for me is reading all the closed minded comments spewing almost non stop from people I thought I'd known my entire life! True colors letter for letter exposing themselves with every stroke of the keyboard. Family members, church members, friends slowing allowing that inner person come out on the pages of social media. 

Why? Social media has the masses fooled into thinking that we have to voice our feelings on everything or the Internet will break. Trust me. That won't happen. We are living in a time of great change in our world no doubt. If you don't like gay marriage don't be gay and get married. Don't like people of color, then move to woods and be destitute. Hate immigrants? Then leave this country and go to where you came from. 

Life lived simple is very easy. It works like this. At the end of the day if my newsfeed and the things there in aren't putting food on my table, or making my vette payment I could care less. That simple. Life will move forward with or without YOUR thoughts. Your thought posted on the Internet does not elevate you to a higher level of living, it shows just how negative and closed minded you really are. Think before you attempt your hand at social media fame.