Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmville has been HACKED! Thousands of players are showing UREQ players on the neighbors list! There are TWO on MINE! PISSED!

You would think that with BILLIONS of dollars that Zunga has took from players that they could at least "Secure" the servers from HACKERS! Whatever! Now Im pissed! They OWE us all 500 farm cash! ASAP! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Myspace Funny Status! I hear Myspace is asking for GOV bailout $$.

Casey Anthony will beat this murder charge!

I have been following this case since the beginning and I was convinced like the rest of America that she was guilty as charged and should fry. But I have to say that from what the defense has presented thus far, it is looking more and more like that entire family might have been involved in some fashion.

That entire family (Anthony's) seems a little off balance to me- I would like to ask Casey to just tell the truth about what happened. Someone in that family KNOWS what happened to that child and I'm just starting to think that Casey was not the only one involved.

Unless the prosecution comes up with something other than what they have - OR unless Casey gets pissed off enough to just break the silence and end it all, it looks as if she may WALK.

Kathy Griffin - NO MAKEUP! How Awesome is this!

But please Kathy DON"T eat that shit!

Kathy Griffin's TEETH! OMG! look at those shiny straight very $$ Teeth! Rock ON!

Angie Harmon Tweets FEET! Seems to be a common thing with Celebs!

IT will be a COLD day in HELL before I vote for MICHELLE BACHMANN!

July 4th Facebook Status Messages FUNNY! I'd like to see the movie rise of the planet of the apes...but then again I can just go to the local walmart and see it for free.

Weightlifting group allows woman to wear hijab, unitard in competitions.

Weightlifting group allows woman to wear hijab, unitard in competitions | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

This is the United States of America and the last time I checked WOMEN could NOT move to Saudia Arabia and wear THONGS on the BEACH, DRIVE a CAR, GET A JOB, or HELL even OPEN their mouth in public- BUT what they can do is spread legs and spit out baby's, clean the house and kiss the ass and feet of their "MASTER".

So tell me why the American people and cowering down to the demands of these people?

TSA pat-down: Was a dying woman forced to remove her shitty diaper?

TSA pat-down: Was a dying woman forced to remove her adult diaper? - Yahoo! News

Its going to take a "Group" of people to grow some balls and stand up to crap such as this! Amazing! TSA forcing a DYING 95 year old WOMEN to remove her DIAPER! I can only hope that it was FULL of SHIT!

Dodgers win court approval for $60 million

Dodgers win court approval for $60 million bankruptcy loan - Yahoo! News

Well Shit! Cry me a river! You have got to be kidding me? 60 million to pay the players MILLIONS of dollars? Where the hell is all the $$ from Ticket Sales? Shoved up someone ass probably! Where are the Greek people when you need em?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Empires and Allies tips and Tricks. The most valuable gift to give and receive is a Liberty Bond.

You need 10 Bonds plus a big ass bag of coins to expand your space. Send as many Liberty Bonds to your neighbors everyday! The game is more intense the bigger the space gets!

Empires and Allies tips and Tricks. Don't get too caught up in decorations or building a massive army too early. Gold, Wood, and Oil are in short supply. Ditch the Flowers and 20 million troops! Get the supply's! You will thank me later!

Empire and Allies tips for getting started .

You need neighbors, grab as many as you can in the first day or so of playing. Don't place your ground troops in the middle of town idle. Troops and vehicles have a  blue square that you see when you move a troop.

If your troops are placed in one big square, they cannot do much to protect your land. Place your troops so that buildings, etc are in the blue "protection" Zone.

Inflatable Shark Discovered in Philippines

I want one!

Kathy Griffin in glasses and without make-up

Not bad Kathy! Don't even look like a mean bitch....

Monday, June 27, 2011

What Princess Diana's Life Might Look Like Now

What Princess Diana's Life Might Look Like Now - Newsweek

Such a loss! Can't imagine what her life would have become! She ROCKED then and still does! RIP

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